Fortuna Campaign Site

The city of Fortuna lies at the heart of our campaign world for a weekly evening session of fourth edition d20 Dungeons and Dragons. This site is created by the players and referees as a point of reference for scenario write ups and the campaign setting.

If you are looking for a good route into the site content you could do worse than go to the site map or to the campaign overview.

We switched from using fourth edition D&D to using a homebrew variant of the Fate system, largely because of the complexities of fourth edition at higher levels. There is a good overview of the fate system here.


These reports are a summary of what happened on a session by session basis. They are written out of character and from the referees perspective, and there purpose is really to keep track of what has happened.

30 May 2012 21:13
The Butcher's Bill
27 May 2012 21:53
The Gate and the Wall
13 May 2012 21:56
Flight in the Dark
10 Apr 2012 20:36
The Army of the Damned
22 Mar 2012 23:20
The Vow


Recent events told in the voice of their author, as such you might take their veracity with a pinch of salt.

29 Nov 2010 13:28
A Deadly Dance
16 May 2010 21:33
Where is the Fleet?
07 Mar 2010 21:19
The Redeemers
20 Dec 2009 15:55
The Cedars Inquiry
25 Jun 2009 21:59
Banished Unbanished
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