Auld Red

Stories of the Great Wyrm, Crucius are as old as Fortuna, indeed it is said that "Auld Red" was present at the city's foundation. One tale often told (a tale that grows taller with each retelling) tells of how Foeman Crestfell, gave his eldest daughter in marriage and in return the dragon gave one hundred years of peace. Fanciful stuff the historians on Rice Street will tell you, but reconcile the this: Regis Dragonbane, the self styled dragonslayer, whilst he may have discovered eight or nine dragon lairs has never sold an ounce of dragon hide, and with all of those hordes in his pocket, he still lodges on Shipley Street.

Now, forty-nine years ago, Crucius attended the Palace of Voices at the signing of the Opus Anuncii. Check the contemporary documents, he was there though he neither said nor did a thing. From then onwards his presence at significant political events was silent but telling.

Two atrocities can be attributed to Auld Red. After the first few attendances, the wizard Fulmus attempted to “dispel this impetuous illusion” - before he could cast a spell - "with a flick of a wing Fulmus was cast to the floor at the observers feet, and with eyes upcast the illusion consumed him entire." According to tradition Judge Quintrix cleared his throat and declared "That is the illusion question cleared up then, minute that the court comends our thanks to Master Fulmus and inform his kin."

And so it continued for twelve years, a silent but deadly presence at the Palace of Voices. The second attrocity tells the tale of how the situation resolved itself. Baron Ketrick of Silford believed that the dragon was acting for the House White, one of the Founding Houses and sought to prove it. It was strongly felt that the dragon was in favour of stronger taxation and an imminent vote on the matter would be carried through this influence. Ketrick sent a personal letter to each of the councillors declaring that he would stand up to the dragon in this vote and defy it.

The response was swift, Ketrick was in residence at his newly purchased home, Flaxford Keep. The night before the vote, Curcuis reduced the castle to blasted rock and glassy slag.

But Ketrick was not there, his family had never fully moved in and he moved them and all their possessions in the dead of night to a place of safety. What is more he had not sent the letter to all of the councilmen, he had sent it to one of them alone and only they knew of his intention. They and Judge Quintrix who was party to the deceit. Decius White was assassinated within days and Crucius disappeared from history.

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