Base Houses

The Base Houses along with the Ironshield Houses and the Founding Houses form the parliament of Fortuna. Each of the houses is permitted a single vote on matters of general governance, although many delegate that representation to other richer or more powerful houses.

Bases Houses

House Blackstock
A minor house of Fortuna that specialises in advocacy and has members employed by most of the Ironshield and Founding Houses.
House Blake
One of the Base Houses, House Blake is supported by merchant caravans working out of Fortuna.
House Butcher
House Butcher is an unaffiliated Base House that successfully manages a wide number industries related to trade and caravaning.
House Cedars
An independent Base House that has a reputation in scholarship, scribing, bookkeeping and the judiciary.
House Craine
House Craine is one of the Base Houses adopted by House White.
House Crius
One of the base houses of Fortuna, House Crius is principally a cloth trading company.
House Daker
House Daker is one of the Base Houses of Fortuna.
House Kord
House Kord is one of the Base Houses that accepts no members other than dwarves. The house is affliated to House Lions and have made a name for themselves as negotiators and middlemen with the tribes of Steelbeards of the Snowy Mountains.
House Lens
House Lens is a Base House affliated to House Lions. It is strongly associated with the steel industries in Fortuna, owning two steelyards, having lost the Riverside Foundry to the state following the Cedars Inquiry.
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