A Night Out

Having got a solid lead at Butcher and Sons Ruby and Claudia decide to head straight down to the docks and ask a few questions about a merchant ship that goes by the name, The Dirty Blade. When the rest of The Silk Glove read the hastily scrawled message, the immediate response is that this sounds like trouble. They head quickly for the docks and start tracking down their two friends.

They eventually track them down to a large and noisy bar named The Cockpit and come across them talking earnestly to a chap that appears to be an off duty guardsman. What Ruby and Claudia do not realise however is that whilst they talk to this fellow, he is making a series of hand signals behind his back, and quite a number of ne'er-do-wells appear to be responding. As it seems their conversation comes to an end, the guardsman leads them out into the street, where Corin has spotted a huge ogre pit-fighter summoned closing in on the scene.

A battle ensues in which significant players include a Tiefling Demonic Acolyte and a second ogre, however whilst Ruby seems to attract the most blows (it occurs later that a bounty was offered on anyone asking questions of The Dirty Blade), The Silk Glove win through. In the end the two ogres know they are beaten and submit, giving up their substantial winnings. One of them tells Abe that The Dirty Blade sails more often under the name The Scalpel.

Returning from the melee, the party come across a by now familiar scene. In the street there is a pyre of flaming timbers and religious paraphenalia whilst milling about it there are many Dragonborn soldiers some of whom are still feeding the flames. It appears that another secret temple to Bahamut has been discovered by The Redeemers. As the dragonborn soldiers attempt to shepherd the party arround the square, Abe spots the broken body of a familiar warforged in the flames. Recognising C a battle ensues and the whilst The Silk Glove have the upper hand, the fracas comes to a premature end when the city guards arrive.

In the ensuing confrontation, it is clear that whilst The Redeemers, acting under Drachan Stormhawk have been deputised by the city council to seek out any illegal sects to Bahamut, the city guard is not comfortable with their presence. However the captain of the guard will not shirk from his unpalatable responsibilities and it is against his judgement that he is persuaded that the dragonborn have the right of the situation. What Drachan wants is to prevent the recovery of the body of thewarforged, realising that his fellows have the means to raise him. However the captain sees a way out and agrees that The Silk Glove should be allowed to purchase the body and the sale is agreed.

The following morning, C is revived and tells how, having heard of the activities of The Redeemers he resolved to see out a hidden place of worship that he knew of and offer his services as a guardian. They sent him away however saying that their temple was not a place of bloodshed and warfare. Nevertheless he returned later that evening, this time unarmed and unarmoured and witnessed the arrival of The Redeemers. He resisted and slew several of them but eventually they overcame him with numbers and was defeated, that is all that he recalls.

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