Abe Amongst Dragons

The decision by his fellows to steal significant magical property from the Riverside Foundry left Abe shocked and disoriented. He knew the difference between right and wrong and was not prepared to accept a view of the world in shades of good and evil. That night he left the party on a pretext but spent several hours wandering about the city. He visited the grave of his friend Pinch and asked after his family, and then finally made his way back to his family home.

Upon returning to the family home he discovered many lights on, neighbors that had known him since childhood fell quiet as he passed. Having discovered that his sister had been abducted by The Redeemers he was immediately torn. Knowing that this must be in revenge for the earlier slight, he imagined that they would either have killed her or be prepared to ransom her. If it was ransom then he was prepared to pay rather than risk her fragile life. However he was not so sure that his fellows would have agreed to payment - he would go alone and agree to what terms they set, and meet that cost himself.

His arrival at the gates in the early hours of the morning was anticipated and he was led in to the long hall at the heart of the raft where a feast was still proceeding. Here he was presented to Ragnor Bjarnsen leader of The Drengr Nidgogg and invited to sup with them, matters of business would wait until the morning light.

The following morning he was told that his sister had died in captivity and her body thrown to the crocodiles that are kept beneath the raft. There is hope however because Drachan Stormhawk recovered a finger before the crocodiles could consume it believing that it might bring her inordinate good fortune. Now she might be prepared to hand it over, which would of course help with the ritual to bring back the unfortunate girl but it is hard to put a price on all that good fortune. A sum of twenty times the value that was paid for C's remains is arrived at 32,000gp.

A warning however, Drachan is notoriously fickle in what she believes is lucky, she is quite likely to change her mind and throw the remains to the crocodiles. Maybe Abe would like to ask his fellows to fetch the funds, were he to stay here and drink a few draughts with her, they could set aside their differences and she might not forget the value of the little trinket.

Abe realises that he has no choice and writes the letter. Twelve hours later, drunk and confused he is led to a meeting with The Silk Glove who have responded that they will bring the money. It is all that he can do to stand witness to what passes.

Puff faces Drachan Stormhawk and asks where the hostage is, he is told of the situation and shown the remains. In return Puff shows his hand, revealing the bound and gagged prisoner, Roberto Agnello who is the partner of Johan Galt, the man who is bankrolling The Drengr Nidgogg. Corin holds a knife to his throat and proposes an exchange, this man for Abe and his sister's remains.

Drachan knows that she is beaten and that this is a risk she cannot take - in capturing the lover of their employer The Silk Glove have placed her in a position where she cannot risk any misstep. Screaming with rage she releases Abe and throws the remains to the floor. Roberto Agnello is handed over and The Silk Glove disappear into the night, all save Ruby for she is hidden beneath a hat of disguise and waits until Drachan Stormhawk's curses subside and her attention turns to Signor Agnello, who winks and disappears into a cloud of stars. From a nearby alley the fleet footed warlock sprints off into the night.

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