Adventures in Eden

The Rose carries The Silk Glove to the city of Cadion where the adventurers introduce themselves to the political representatives as Heralds and Envoys to the ambassador that would be following within a few weeks. The head of a significant trading family, Danton Romaine recognises their value and offers to guide them through some of the political obstacles to establishing an embassy.

The party quickly find quarters for the Embassy and having set things in motion, following advice from Romaine, they move quickly to get ahead of the Hanorian spies that are dogging their business. Following advice that the the Straights of Jalalal will be blockaded by ghostships they decide to attempt a passage along the Standard Navigation a canal that bisects the country of New Eden and will take them directly to The Eversea.

The journey proves eventful, the party have to deal with an ancient arcane spider queen and overcome a goblin army before they reach Neap Water high in the Black Hills. Here a Hanorian spy attempts again to stop them through political machinations but he is stymied and The Rose descends the Grey Stair down to The Eversea.

The Rose sets a course for Qudir reasoning that the principality might be a reasonable point to make an entry into the country unobserved however they soon discover that whilst the city is certainly a good place to get a feel for Hanorian society without standing out too much, it is also not a gateway into the country proper. Whilst considering taking a smugglers approach and making landfall at night time the party are met by a familiar face from the past: Pinch the halfling rogue, presumed dead and buried two years previously appears to have cheated death and set up a very profitable business as a gold trader and high stakes gambler.

Pinch explains that he has a fortune tied up in this city but the cities laws prevent currency and precious metals being smuggled out without paying a punitive tax rate. If a passage could be secured for him out of Qudir with a fair portion of his wealth then he might be able to secure them a safe passage to the pirate-slaver port of Sadir.

The Silk Glove accept the challenge and in the midst of a night of mayhem as the restless dead are unleashed across the city, a large quantity of bullion is shipped and The Rose slips out of port.

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