After the Storm

Heading up out of Sadir onto the high mesa, The Silk Glove find themselves following in the footsteps of the Theomancer and his newley purchased slaves. After the first day it becomes clear that they will overtake them within a few days. This causes some concern as the party hopes to remain incognito, however the issue is resolved with the arrival of a dust storm the erases all evidence of their passage.

As the four heroes take cover in a shallow cave, a mystical presence appears on the road and demands a conversation with Naz. She returns from her private discussion and explains that a debt incurred following her almost miraculous escape from the jaws of death in New Eden must now be repaid. There is some deceit here and she departs with her diabolic creditor.

The three press on into the virgin sands laid down by the night's storms and soon find themselves approaching a small hill town in the midst of cultivated land, principally olive groves. At the edge of the town they are greeted by a grotesque scene - a man has been crucified, his libs broken and stretched across a tall frame - as they look it appears that he has impossibly survived the previous night's sandstorm.

Within the town, named Feli's Reach, the party begin to get their first insight into life in the land of Hanoria. Representatives of the theocracy, named disciples pass through the village every year and take a tithe of acolytes that are taken to Silent Mountain where they receive training to become disciples in turn. These acolytes must be innocents and are raised in accordance with strict laws set down by the theocracy.

The disciples passed through the village six weeks before and left with three children however they returned claiming that one of them was impure and that a farmhand in the village was responsible for the breaching of the purity laws. That farmhand is now crucified outside the village, and the family were taken as slaves. Their home was reduced to a barrow in which the defiled innocent was entombed and his ghost now roams the village at night, his plaintive cries drawing howling packs of wraiths into the town.

The three heroes decide to disinter the child and in doing so they notice that the grave is sealed with the sign of a ram's skull. The spirit is released and a demon is summoned - the demon is defeated and the ghost laid to rest. The party accept the villagers thanks and decide to head north in search of Silent Mountain.

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