At the Forest Gates

A collection of adventurers, drawn together in the defense of Covenant have been commissioned by Lord Jesner to head north along the coast to search for signs of the Hanorians that sent the commando assault to wreck the Claypools safe harbour. Taking a longboat from the fleet of The Drengr Nidgogg they head north and in the early evening as the sky darkens, they come across a significant fleet of Hanorian ships, anchored off the coast. Hoping that they may have not been spotted the longboat turns and flees but from the deep some machine that is part iron ship and part animated Kraken emerges, dragging the longboat under the sea. The adventurers swim for the shoreline, a forbidding bank of mangrove trees and darkness: The Wildwood.

As the party wade to the shoreline it is clear that the Kraken vessel cannot navigate the shallower waters however other dangers await them - within the shallows, unseen in the failing evening light there lurk several shoals of emerald jellyfish. Singly they are painful but not dangerous but by pure ill fortune, the party appear to have disturbed a great migration of the beasts and expend significant energy cutting through them to reach the dark mangrove canopy.

Once within the trees things only get worse as first they are attacked by Feymire crocodiles, then a passing troll is attracted - as the troll is defeated a Beholder Eye of Flame arrives and finally a pack of Wilden appear from the woods. Fortunately the Wilden appear to be friendly and under a volley of arrowfire the beholder is driven off.

The wilden warily approach the party, bows raised and an edgy parlay ensues.

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