At the Threshold

An Interview

The party interrogates the Drow captive into the night and again the next day….

Kel H’Kar is a warrior (Sargtlin) of House Do’Urden under whose command this mission is being undertaken.

Kel spends some considerable time explaining to the party the actions that the Drow have taken since arriving in Firekeep. His explanations are convoluted and complex and require many clarifications on Drow words that do not translate particularly well. This is both frustrating and time-consuming and Kel seems to revel in your lack of understanding. Between you all however you begin to piece together a picture of what has happened.

Two months ago there was a great ‘moving of the shadow’ in the Underdark where Kel says he comes from (apparently a vast, underground realm somewhere between this plane and the Shadowrealm). All noble houses were ordered to look to their borders and investigate what had happened. The fortune fell to House Do’Urden and they discovered a rift - a shadow portal - on one of their estates. Hastily a force was mustered to travel through and carry out reconnaissance. The House Matriarchs could hardly believe their luck when the scouts reported back that a dwarven Mithral mine lay on the other side.

Three weeks ago Kel’s force came through and began to secure the area. The plan it seems, having carried out an initial survey, is to make a permanent base here and carry out a ritual that will permanently secure the portal. The advantage to House Do’Urden within the Drow hierarchy is likely to be substantial.

Something nags at you as Kel tells you all of this. He seems to tell you this willingly and with glee and it suddenly occurs to you to ask how this ritual will be carried out and…when. With a triumphant light in his eyes he tells you that it will be Triel Do’Urden herself, daughter of the Matron Mother of House Do’Udern, priestess of the Spider Queen and Yathrin of Arach-Tinilith (the cathedral and training academy in the heart of Menzobarranzan, the capital of the Drow).

“ And when?” he says, hysterical almost now, “Why this very night! The Mistress is on her way to the portal in the estates of House Do’Urden as we speak….”

Into the Deep

Speed is essential and the Silk Glove immediately spring into action - two of the strikers, Ruby and Hubert will help stiffen the spine of two Dwarvern diversionary attacks, in the meantime, the core party are led by Corin one of the dwarvern delvewardens to an air shaft that leads directly down into the lower levels of the mine.

The plan is enacted and partially successful, the Silk Glove avoid confrontation with the Drow but skirmish with four of their spider outliers. These creatures carry swarms of much smaller but poisonous beasts on their backs and in the confined spaces of the air ducts prove a considerable challenge. Without the ranged strikers in support, the Vinnie the gnomish rogue is hard pressed to relieve the pressure on the defenders and leaders.

The party persevere and following another long descent they find themselves in the lowest depths of the mithral mines. Pressing forwards they reach the mine face and in the heart of the chamber lit by the eerie radiaance from an obvious portal, two driders stand sentry as a drow warlock conducts his arcane mischief.

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