Back to Sea

The Silk Glove soon discover that there are many demands on their time, in fact, so many demands that after the first day they are obliged to employ a secretary to handle all of their invitations appropriately. Solman Rule is appointed for his obvious competence despite some misgivings about his loyalty.

On their second day in Fortuna the party is invited to have lunch with Stern Lions, it is clear that he has been appointed to a significant role in the defence of the city and tells the party that he is setting up defences against an increasingly intense war of intrigue and counter-intrigue as the citizens prepare for war. He thanks them for all of their help in the service of the city and of House Lions. Their service to Fortuna is rewarded with an letter of recognition and a grant in support of further services of 2000gp.

Later that day the party again find themselves in the organ of governance invited to attend on the Iron Council in discussion of strategy, specifically the proposal that the newly commissioned Defiant and Blushing Maid attempt to break the blockade and take an emissary to Greenhaven and to beyond, to Battle and New Eden in Arnia. A strategy is discussed and The Silk Glove accept a commision to travel with the ambassador and attempt to help him get an audience amongst the pirates.

The ambassador to Greenhaven is Oridon of Crestfell and he travels with The Blushing Maid whilst the party travel aboard The Defiant in order to draw the enemy. With the support of significant rituals cast by the weather mages of Fortuna the plan goes well, the enemy is too short handed to pursue the two vessels when what appears to be a fleet of the remaining seaworthy ships of the city emerge from the fog ready to break through the blockade.

The crew find themselves in the open sea with the weather set fair to deliver them and their ambassador to the pirate city within the week.

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