Beneath the High Pass

What Has Gone Before

Highkeep by night

The Silk Glove have been contracted by the Iron Council to deliver their agent to the town of Highkeep, a significant fortification that sits astride High Pass and controlls the Western Marches. Further, they have been asked to render what service they can to the Lord of the High Keep and being good citizens of Fortuna mindful of their duties and obligations, they agree to the service. They are accompanied by two other like-minded citizens of the city, War Sheila and Claudia, and told that they will be followed by a significant force of troops that should arrive a week after they do.

The party choose to make a rapid and secret exit from the city, however they get no further than the outskirts of the extended sprawl beyond the city walls before they are obliged to take rest - this they do however in the night they are attacked by a well organised party of brigands, dockworkers, at least two spellcasters and a couple of dopplegangers. The day is won and the party press on into the countryside.

Several adventures and encounters bring them to the town of High Pass where the Iron Council agent is delivered and the parties services offered. The Lord of Highkeep is somewhat taken aback however he suggests that the party might make themselves useful at the nearby dwarvern mithril mines, beneath the volcanic mountains that the dwarves name Firekeep.

The party present themselves to the leader of the dwarves, Ignar Firebeard and like the Lord of Highkeep he is similarly unsure of what to make of them. He tells how, following a recent eruption they have been fighting a running battle with Drow elves that have appeared from the deepest reaches of the mines. The dwarves have been continuously beaten back and lost half of their number. The elves have at least one group of skirmishers harrying the dwarves above ground a significant number in the mines depths.

Agreeing to accompany the dwarves on a scouting mission into back into the mines, the party are ambushed by a number of drow, the skirmish is won but it is a close thing with several party members succumbing to poison. Now, deep beneath the mountain snow, the party lick their wounds and plan a withdrawl.

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