Creeley Summit

The elves descend from Mountain Vale and meet up with the victorious Elanese forces at Creeley Pools. They are accompanied by The Silk Glove and a dozen slaves rescued from the orc fortress.

There is an initial interview with Captain Kay of Lions where he attempts to debrief them, however they evade many of his questions and he is left unsatisfied. Following this meeting the party meet Stern Lions who welcomes them back to Elan and offers a few words of advice - indicating that the party could significantly hamper the plans of House Lions however their reward will be the lasting antipathy of house and little more - that path could be dangerous and will certainly be less rewarding than supporting them in their goals. The party take this in the spirit that it was meant - a warning rather than a threat.

The Silk Glove is then presented with the opportunity to tell their tale in court, and they decide that they will not rely on the professional services of a bard but will go it alone. Their presentation is a success and the court approves of the tale, however one of them, no doubt prompted by misplaced loyalty casts a slur in Hubert's direction and a duel ensues. Hubert is defeated though not slain and honour is seen to be satisfied.

The court convenes and the elves are accused of an unprovoked attack - they claim that they were intercepting a delivery of weapons to the orcs on their threshold and that the crates that they captured bore many unbranded weapons beneath a surface layer of weapons that bore the House Lions crest. It is pointed out that this is a serious accusation - it is illegal to be transporting unbranded weapons because in the first instance they can be delivered to enemies of the state and in the second instance it avoids taxation. Marshall Vanya of Lions sitting in judgement points out that the accusations could only have value if the weapons were witnessed by agents of a house of Elan. The Silk Glove reveal that they were acting for House Palfrey and that they witnessed the evidence in situ. The court is adjourned pending further deliberation.

The Silk Glove have little more to contribute - circumstances overtake them as Dain of Lions the Seneschal is obliged to resign from office. The settlement with the elves restores to them all of the rights that they enjoyed before the Sluttisham incident and the court disbands and returns to Fortuna.

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