Defying The Defiant

Returning to Greenhaven with the evidence that they needed the party discover that there is some celebration amongst the pirates who have managed to capture Laurelin Starmaster whilst he attempted to steal a sloop from the port. Apparently The Iris lies stricken on a sandbank in Green Bay after being defeated by The Defiant. The elven vessel has taken many pirate prizes over the last two years and its captain now dangles from a crane in a gibbet that is frequently dumped into the water.

The party finally mange to catch up on their sleep over the next eight hours whilst Captain Stolon makes preparations to attempt a crossing through the growing storm back to Fortuna. Ruby and Vinni elect to remain in Greenhaven however as The Blushing Maid slips out from the port, Vinni arranges for the elf captain's gibbet to be dunked into the harbor whilst a fight breaks out and he is forgotten about. Somehow the locks fail and the elf captain slips onto the deck as Vinni waves from the shore.

Starmaster tells how he attempted to lure The Defiant into the shallow waters near the coast hoping to gain advantage amongst the shoals. Unfortunately the enemy must have mapped out the sea thereabouts because in the end it was The Iris that ran aground and was then holed several times. Fortunately they were close to shore and whilst he lost some of his crew, when the boat was convincingly holed, the ghostship left.

The elven captain urges The Silk Glove to engage the Hanorians, he can bring nine more elven marines and a couple of longboats to help and feels that there must be a way. In the end a plan is agreed, if The Defiant is spotted then Stolon will flee and bring it into a stern chase. She will order the four longboats to be launched and throw a good amount of jetsam over with them. In the longboats will be The Silk Glove and the elven marines, and as the enemy ship is drawn past them in pursuit of The Blushing Maid they will strike out and attempt to board her.

The plan is a success, and after a breathless chase, the party find themselves on the deck of the ship facing a full crew, half a dozen animated scorpios and the great animated ballista. In the first round the artillery let loose a barrage that knocks Claudia unconscious, then, the pirates close in and they all seem to be handy with a cutlass. Then as the elves board at the bow and engage the siege engines, from the top of the great aftcastle, an adult red dragon appears - on it's back is mounted an animated harness that at first glance appears to bear further weapons.

The dragon engages with its breath and it is clear that the battle will be hopeless, but as the creature comes amongst the party they can see that the harness it wears is tearing at the flesh of the creature rather than lashing out at them. It is being compelled to fight them and Abe tells them that it is the lieutenant at the bow of the ship that controls it. They focus their attention on him and he is swiftly brought down under many blows. Puff snatches up the orb that the officer was using to command the dragon and orders it to win the battle for them.

The dragon, Malleolus is released and in return offers a service to The Silk Glove once it has recuperated. It tells them to meet it at Knife Point at the new moon - in twelve days.

Triumphant Return

The Blushing Maid and her prize head north to wait out the storm in the shelter of Green Bay there, Laurelin Starmaster offers to buy The Defiant and a deal is struck. After a detour to pick up goods from the wreck of The Iris the folitlla head south-west to Fortuna. Mid morning on the second day they smell burning and shortly afterwards they come into sight of the city and see that it shrouded with a pall of smoke. Then they spot first one then two more vessels of identical shape to The Defiant all closing to engage - they will clearly manage to intercept them however their charge is stalled when Malleolus swoops past the ship and shows them he is unleashed. The Hanorian vessels immediately disengage leaving the party unmolested as they enter the port.

It is clear that there has been a great fire in the port, the wrecks of a great number of fire ships litter the harbor and most of the buildings in the area are destroyed. Amongst the smoking ruins is The City Watch and the Citizen Army watching warily as the captured ghostship attempts an entry. It takes the remains of the day before they are allowed to enter the harbor, when word of the victory arrives there are muted celebrations as The Silk Glove claim the first victory of the state of war that now exists between Elan and Hanoria.

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