Dirty Blades

Having helped Oridon of Crestfell establish himself in Greenhaven, The Silk Glove elect to say farewell to The Blushing Maid and remain in the pirate port whilst she departs to take diplomatic overtures to Battle and New Eden. The decision is in part motivated by the knowledge that The Dirty Blade is expected to return to port imminently and the party have a few scores to settle.

Taking a lizardfolk canoe out to The Defiant, the party tell her captain that they are expecting the pirates and to wait one more day before heading south in pursuit of their own mission. Questions are asked and the party establish that they will have to divide the crew of the defiant if they hope to confront them.

They do not have to wait long, in the morning they are told that not only has The Dirty Blade returned, but that she was spotted approaching The Defiant last night, presuming her to be an ally and after sustaining significant losses she is now limping into port. Sure enough it is clear that the elven arrows have taken a significant toll and the party watch as she deals with her dead and wounded and efficiently sets to repairing the damage.

By the day's end The Defiant slips out of port and heads through secret ways, inland to her jungle hideout. The party make no secret of their presence and expect wait for the pirates to discover their handiwork from two weeks before.

The next morning a lizardfolk messenger brings the message that Captain Chiral is prepared to overlook their presence and buy back the stolen papers for ten times their weight in gold. The party reply that they are prepared to negotiate and a short while later a human crewmemer returns asking for evidence of the goods. Claudia shows him the Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor and he departs satisfied.

He again returns and asks them to name a price, and when Abe suggests forty thousand gold he asks to see some evidence of the actual papers. The wizard leaves the negotiation at the front of the tavern and returns to the party rooms intending to use prestidigitation to conjur illusiory papers but instead discovers a Yuan-Ti going through their property.

A fight breaks out, first in the rooms and Claudia is first to respond running up to support the mage. Behind him, the negotiating pirate reveals himself to be an Oni Mage cloaked in illusion, and further, three more pirates have insinuated themselves in the public room of the tavern.

The party battles on, separated by a corridor and a flight of stairs, the wizard and the paladin cannot get past their foe to rejoin their fellows. Meanwhile downstairs the pirates manage to keep Corin and Puff separated and flanked where they prove mercilessly effective, whilst the Oni Mage manages to use invisibility to keep himself out of trouble.

The situation is manageable but then after four rounds the Yuan-Ti upstairs is reinforced by a human Blademaster and the pirates below with another three pirates. Upstairs, the Yuan-Ti is defeated, allowing Claudia and Abe to return downstairs to their fellows but it is two late, the dwarf and the dragonborn have fallen under a storm of cutlasses and their bodies are being dragged away - the dwarf is clearly slain, whilst Puff is slick red with blood and at Death's door.

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