Having rested and recouperated The Silk Glove press on, leaving the abandoned village and up towards higher ground. Their route is clearly marked out by fetishes and totems that the lizardfolk have set up to try and keep the evil spirits at bay. As the party make their way along an overgrown path they hear sounds ahead, as Pinch scouts out the heaps of mining spoil that mark the entrance to some earthworks, the party is attacked by Vine Horrors from the jungle to either side of the path. The noise of the attack attracts the skeletal minions into the fray, however whilst it is a tough fight, the party are victorius.

Making their way to the entrance to the earthworks, it is immediately apparent that these have been dug out of the soft sandstone by inexpert skeletal hands. This leads Abe to begin worrying about the safety of the whole enterprise.

Pinch again leads the way and within the antechamber triggers a magical trap that sends him reeling and conjurs up a dozen skeletons from the muddy floor. With a wildly spinning sling he dipatches half of them and Abe arrives with a column of flame to deal with the rest. Two passages are discounted as unsafe, and one of the two remaining is selected on the basis of a single non-skeletal footprint.

The party soon findthemselves in a widening in the rough corridor where it appears that the fresh corpses are stored. Here amongst the stinking piles, two are unquiet and they attack. The battle is against a chilborn and a hulking zombie - C manages to isolate the hulking zombie whilst the remainder of the party focus attacks on the chillborn, and when it expires in a freezing cloud the hulking corpse is laid to a final rest.

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