Fighting Retreat
The Dwarvern Halls

Deep within the heart of the dwarvern mines, The Iron Fist stage a withdrawl from the contested territory - they have with them two drow prisoners, one is bound and gagged, the other slumped unconscious over C's shoulder. As they leave the deeper realms and enter into the Great Chamber, amongst the great piles of prepared stone, bricks and mortar, a quiet voice comes from the shadows: "Be warned, the enemy approach six Drow have chased me hither and will surely have seen your lights".

The party form into a defensive cordon about their spellcasters and battle is joined. Their informant it seems is an ally of the dwarves, a Gnome rogue named Vinnie and he has been sent down to warn the party of this Drow warband - now he stands with them as the Drow engage. The fighting is fierce but perhaps as the Drow have not this time chosen the ground and perhaps because of the late arrival of Hubert hurrying down after Vinnie, it is less deadly - the day is won. Whilst one Drow escapes, the remainder are defeated and the party return to the surface victorious and with several prisoners.

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