Goldie and Mens

Meanwhile at the bow of the Storm 14

Having shared watch dutie with two unsavoury marines named Goldie and Mens, Abe and Pinch have had to fashion some shelter from the pirate arrows behind a shield improvised from a tabletop. Goldie and Mens meanwhile have taken cover behind the far more substantial mast footing denying there is any room for their fellows.

Captain Kreich has said that the marines need to draw fire from his crew however even when Pinch presents himself as a target the enemy do not draw down on him. Only when he starts to make himself noticed with his thundering sling does he get some response. A hobgoblin sniper takes aim but is remonstrated with by a kobald crewman and with a snarl he ignores the annoying halfling.

There is something odd here comments Abe who has now joined his friend and fired a force sphere into the enemy. Then a gasp of realisation as Goldie and Mens creep up behind them and the big wildman, Goldie, crashes his battleaxe through the wizard's leather armour biting deep.

There is an initial struggle to get some space and then a prismatic spray stuns the barbarian allowing Abe to creep out onto the bowsprit and Pinch to follow him effectively acting as a defender. Then it is a fight to the death, Goldie has to fight past the halfling to get to the wizard whilst the best that the rouge Mens can do is use throwing daggers, but they are ineffective - bouncing first of a shield spell and then off Abe's significant armour.

A quick swap allows Pinch to move onto the bowsprit and take a second wind whilst Abe steps forward and uses thunder wave to keep the barbarian at bay. There is a single chance for fortune to favour him with a deathly blow, but it is not Goldie's lucky day and he is brought down with magic. Thereafter Mens has little chance and a thunderwave blasts his senseless body over the rails and into the black depths.

Looking over Abe's shoulder Pinch indicates the red pennon that the two traitors have tied to the rigging no doubt keeping them safe from the enemies snipers. Then with a sharp order from the helm, there is a cracking of wind in sails, the deception is over the Storm 14 comes about and the hunted becomes the hunter.

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