In Elven Service

The Silk Glove are presented to the elven ambassador Etherian Highbow, and he thanks them for their courage and tenacity. There is a slightly sticky moment as Hubert fails to conceal his contempt for the elves but a diplomatic situation is avoided and the evening is spent in good grace.

The following morning the party is presented to the mother of the child whose remains C has borne since their discovery on the neck of the cave bear at Flaxford Keep. The mother is grateful and accepts them along with the brooch that was with them, asking how the child died, in a show of humanity the obviously moved Hubert attempts to disguise the grisly details by maintaining that she fell to her death - their is a misunderstanding and the elf maid is deeply offended, though the situation is recovered.

Following the morning's ceremony, Marshall Cillian is introduced - he commands the forces in defence of Skyshun and he explains that it is his belief that the wolf riders are acting as a cavalry screen to prevent his scouts getting sight of the entrenchment that the orcish engineers are building in the Vale of Tiniel. In the valley, the orcs maintain a vast herd of swine in order to feed the cavalry, and that if they could be destroyed then the cavalry could not be supported. He understands that the orcs are vulnerable at this stage if only he could get past the cavalry and that he has a plan to lead a diversionary force to draw away the riders whilst a second force attempts to drive the herd of pigs into the fast flowing Milkthistle River. He asks if The Silk Glove would act as an infantry screen to his diversionary archers.

The party agree and set out however their first meeting with four wolf riders makes it clear that the expedition to attack the supplies is doomed unless they can sustain at least a single attack. The Marshall agrees that it is The Silk Glove that must make the attack whilst the elves make haste with the captured wolf rider horns to lay a false trail. Accompanied by Quicksilver and a pack of the elven wolves the party cut across the valley to aim towards the orc encampment.

As they travel, they are spotted by an orcish lumber crew and combat ensues - the orcs are defeated though in a dying gasp one of them curses them in common tongue with the words "Porcus will avenge me.."

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