Lowly Wyrm

The party seek out Lowly Worm at The Remembered Mountain but discover that he is has recently left in search of some relic at a wizard's tower deep in the forest. Goldie agrees to lead the party through the shadow realm and they soon aproach the tower deep in the forest's heart. As they approach, they witness a robed figure battling a huge white dragon and set about effecting a rescue. The robed figure quickly disappears and it soon become apparent that the dragon is too powerful for them to defeat, and apparently not intent on devouring them either.

After a parlay, they discover that the dragon is in fact Lowly Worm and he adopts his natural form, revealin himself to be an ancient and very frail Gythyanki. In his natural form he rapidly tires and is very vulnerable here. Unfortunately he needs to enter the tower and it appears that some undead have made a home there - he cannot enter in dragon form and asks the party if they might go in and recover a libram from the wizards horde.

The party enter the tower and battle a Lich and his undead minions - the minions are defeated and the Lich flees allowing the party to recover the tome along with a significant horde. They return the book to Lowly Worm and he promises to hear there problems and advise them when they return to The Remembered Mountain.

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