Marine Corps

The Silk Glove board the Storm 14 and set sail with the merchant fleet - with fair winds and no trouble they will make Knife Point in five days and then turn back. Of course fair winds are all they can hope for, trouble will come.

Within an hour of travel, with each of the mercenaries serrupticiously eying up the others, it becomes clear that whilst The Last Word and The Silk Glove are calm professionals, the remaining four are going to come to blows. Two of the marines, Hubert and Clarion have issues with the other two. Puff with his wary soldiers eye sees trouble brewing and has a quiet word, there is agreement that for the passage, Hubert and Clarion will fall under his command whilst Abe and Pinch will swap places.

Late afternoon and Captain Kreich addresses the marines. He makes it clear that he believes that the pirates will try and cut out targets from the middle of the fleet and that is exactly where the Storm class vessels will be. When they attack (there is no doubt inhis mind that they will attack) the goal will be to draw them sufficiently far from the fleet that when they show a little spine the pirates do not give up immediately and go for a weaker target. When the captain thinks the time is right he will attept a boarding action.

In the evening of the first day, Puff and Hubert are invited to the captain's table. Puff makes a generally favourable impression and there is some discussion of historical sea battles.

On the third day in the late afternoon the pirate fleet is spotted, eight vessels closng fast from the north west, the chase commences. At first the fleet bunches up and turns due east, then as they are overhauled three of the Storm class vessels cut due north and the Storm 14 heads south. The pirates take the bait and seven of their fleet follow the three heading north whilst the pirate flagship, The Lamprey turns south.

The captain leads them on and as they begin to close skeleton archers hanging from the spars open fire, the marines of Storm 14 are ill equipped to return arrowfire and the best that they can acheive is to duck down and hide as the distance between her and the rest of the fleet builds up.

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