Mean Streets

Returning to the city with their fallen companion, thoroughly exhausted and ready to sleep for a day - The Silk Glove discover the city gate open and the guard cowering within the gatehouse. The streets are silent and all doors and windows shuttered and barred. After some negotiation with the hiding guards, the party secure the gates and have a hasty conversation with the fearful guards.

It seems that following their use of dogs to hunt for the Rakshasa last night, the response has been that their enemy has broken cover slaying dogs and their hadlers, raising fires in the city kennels and slaying anyone who gets in their way. The party later come across many bodies to substantiate these claims as they make their way to The Three Feathers including the bloody remains of a battle where at least thirty of the city guard have been slain. On their way back through the city they meet Stern Lions who explains that the party must demonstrate that these foes are beatable otherwise he will not be able to rally the guards. He needs to be able to display heads on poles and the Silk Glove must oblige him.

At The Three Feathers, the party discover that Claudia has not slept at all having been at the mercy of a coven of night hags apparently directed by a Shadar Kai witch who have been torturing him through the night. Disturbed by the arrival of his fellows, the hags flee into the shadow realm.

After the body of Abe is left in the care of the Church of Avandra and the party elect to divide permitting two of them to sleep whilst the remainder search for Rakshasa. They decide that the safehouse under Temple Street might prove more secure than their rooms at the inn. Lucan and Vinni are left to sleep whilst Puff and Claudia go in search of some hired muscle to back them up. As soon as they leave the secret safe house however, they are approached by a pair of adventurers who have apparently been waiting for them.

Gabriel and his companion are apparently aware of the party's business and prepared to help. There is some considerable mistrust, however as they are prepared to help in the hunt for the Rakshasa, the four of them take on the appearance of city guard and begin patrolling the streets of Fortuna. It doesn't take long before they come across three Rakshasa, hiding amongst a gang of youths they confront the party and a fight ensues. The party prevails without too much difficulty and the enemy is defeated. Significant loot is recovered including a predatory weapon and some bracers of archery.

The Silk Glove return with the bodies of their enemies, they maintain their pretense of being city guard and as rumour spreads that the city guard have defeated some of the enemies within, there is a palpable shift in the citizens attitude. By the time they aproach temple street there is a significant cowd in the street and the city guard are rallied.

Stern Lions greets the adventurors with congratulations but tells them that there is some bad news: General Marsh, commander of the City Guard has been assainated. Apparently one of his neighbours was slain in the night and when he called in to offer condolences, the assassin had remained secreted within the residence and took his opportunity to slay him. The party once again wearliy head out onto the streets and pay a visit to the mourning family homes.

They first go to the general's home where they examine his corpse and discover that he was slain with a single poisoned knife wound to the heart. Next they visit his neighbour's home and discover that he was slain with a similar wound whilst he slept alongside his wife, she discovered his body only in the morning. The party interview the housekeeper and the wife and decide that they do not like what they have heard, the two women are taken back into custody for further observation and questioning.

Later that evening as the exhausted characters brief their refreshed fellows on what has happened they hear a surprised yell from the interview rooms where Stern Lions has just headed to speak with the interred prisoners.

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