Nobody to Somebody

With The Blushing Maid finally delivered to Greenhaven the captain nervously eyes the busy board walks and sees nothing but risk and hostility. With nowhere to tie up and no certainty that an anchor dropped here will ever be recovered, it is clear that she will have to negotiate with the boatloads of self appointed officials and customs inspectors. Time passes and the captain becomes more and more certain that this is not going to be resolved aboard ship but she is nervous to leave her vessel unprotected. It is agreed that Abe, Claudia and Puff are all that can be spared.

The three negotiators are met on the waters edge by a collection of slightly more senior thugs and rapidly discover that nobody is allowed ashore - and that they are not even nobody, they are fair game. A scuffle ensues, along with some intimidation, some insinuation and finally some rabble rousing. By general agreement, The Silk Glove is recognised as a Respected Nobody of Greenhaven and a berth is made available for the vessel.

Unfortunately, and in hindsight almost inevitably, someone was not going to be happy with their rapid elevation to such an exalted rank. Trouble arrived just minutes before the ship came alongside, and the three Nobodies found themselves confronted by a pirate captain and four very able seamen. Forewarned is fore armed, and word of the impending conflict allowed them to choose a favourable battleground, but it was not sufficient to win the day and before reinforcements could be brought to bear, Abe had been cut down by the necromancer captain.

Urged on by a still nervous captain, the sombre party struck out in search of Tigermane and a raise dead ritual, without their young wizard. It was soon discovered that if Tigermane was to be found it would be at the Hurricane's Eye a tavern on The Hill that rises from the swamplands beneath The Lower Deck. Further investigation reveals that to get access to The Hill, one has to be a somebody, nobodies, regardless of how respected they are, are unwelcome.

The party introduced themselves to the bored sailors that were policing the passage up to The Hill and after an extended period of talking, fell to a game of cards. The pirates were rich with stolen booty, but the party were able to bet with the food that The Blushing Maid had brought in its cargo hold. By the late evening, it all fell to one hand, a table full of gold and treasures had been won by the party but they pushed it all back into the middle and gambled it on passage up the hill. The cards were good and The Silk Glove became a Respected Somebody of Greenhaven.

Talking with the officers and more refined company in The Hurricane's Eye, the party discover that the ships are not waiting out the storms but rather, in fear of the ghost ship The Defiant. A month ago a flotilla of three warships went out after her but nothing has been heard of them, now each captain waits for another to make the first move. Finally Tigermane is tracked down in rooms beneath the tavern and he is persuaded to tell his news.

The Dirty Blade has been passing in and out of Greenhaven, apparently it has negotiated some private berth away from the port in the swamps. Tigermane says that they have free passage fro the lizardfolk and have been operating near Cemetery Hill not a mile from this place. Some weeks ago, one of their less bright crewmen was trying to find a buyer for a crate of stolen spearheads and the word was that they were of finest quality and stamped with a lion's head.

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