Passage to Greenhaven

A Banquet

Having returned Abe and his sisters remains to safety, Stern Lions offers to see the family to a safe house and implies that he may be able to use them to draw The Drengr Nidgogg into making a mistake. Abe warns Lions putting his family in further danger and The Prince of Sorrows swears that he will not allow that to happen.

Before leaving town, the party are invited to an evening with the elven ambassador, Etherian Highbow to celebrate the return to [[[Fortuna]] and the return to active service of the bounty hunter The Iris. Her captain, Laurelin Starmaster is to be the guest of honour, however The Silk Glove are also toasted at the banquet, for it was their influence at Creeley Pools that led the easing of relations with the elves, and the return to service of the bounty hunter.

The party hear of trip that The Iris made from New Hanoria around The Anvil to Fortuna this past week and the captain tells a tail of how they almost took a prize in the dead of night, but as they apporached she sped off.
"A three masted ship of unique design, with a very great stern castle and strange rigging, she sat there with lights blazing anchored off Knife Point and we all thought her crew must be drunk. Just when we were close enough to hail, she sped off - maybe she had sweeps or maybe it was magic but there was no catching her. We set sail in a day or so and I'll haver her though." So says Laurelin Starmaster.

The Passage

With the family in safety, the crew take passage on The Blushing Maid a vessel commissioned by Stern Lions to see them transported to Greenhaven, there to make contact with a contact of his named Tigermane. Apparently this person has intimated to Lions that he knows something about weapons shipments passing through the free port.

The Silk Glove are well used to acting as ship's marines and fall into line under Captain Stolon. They hear that she has not been out of harbour this year and will be one of the first ships to have set out from Fortuna this spring - certainly none of the fleet have returned from the old world yet and there will be hungry pirates out there after the lean months of the storm season.

Sure enough after three days, off coast of The Anvil the same vessel described by the captain of The Iris is spotted, with three masts and a great aft castle. She has spotted The Blushing Maid and is bearing down on her. Captain Stolon is not happy and as she comes closer she calls out that it is a Hanorian Ghostship. At about the same time, the attacker reveals a huge spider legged animated steel balista that sends a bolt flashing into the rigging far beyond range of any bow on the ship. "Strike the silks, lets show her knickers" calls the captain and a set of magical silken sails is revealed and The Blushing Maid leaps forwards.

The Hanorian Ghostship, with her animated rigging wallows about to give chase, revealing her name, The Defiant as she comes about. Clearly the enemy is not very agile in the water but as she gives chase she reveals a magical burst of speed and a further firepower of half a dozen animated scorpion arbalests. The race looks to be hopeless, then suddenly, The Defiant breaks off, turns about and within half an hour has passed out of sight over the horizon to the south. Sharper eyed lookouts think they spot a flying creature way above her but it is not clear in the fading light.


Arriving at the mangrove swamp near to Greenhaven the boat is met by a canoe with the lizardfolk pilot and after some discussion of the fee they are led into the swamp and through its secret ways towards the free port. As they travel they are ambushed by a treant and some vine horrors, but the battle is swift and decisive. In the evening light the party enter the port of Greenhaven.

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