Separating from the elven skirmishers, the Silk Glove pressed northwards to the opposite valley wall in the company of Quicksilver and his wolf pack. Avoiding the wolf riders, responding to the false summons of the elven horn blowers, the party reached an advanced position before being spotted by a returning orcish lumber team. A short battle followed and the orcs were defeated.

Pressing on, the forest edge was reached and the devastation of the orc camp revealed. The Vale of Tiniel is found utterly deforested, the space between tree stumps reduced to a cloying sea of mud by the orcish pigs that has turned over every inch of earth from the forest edge to the end of the valley. On a rise next to the river about a mile distant, the orcs have raised a palisade wall with a ditch before it. Within, the roofs of a dozen long-houses can be seen and a pall of smoke rises.

Closer to hand is the fenced area that houses the great herd of swine - there are stys in the center for the sucklings but the majority of the beasts root about indolently in the mud. The party approach through the mud, apparently unseen by the orcish sentries in the watchtowers of the distant fort, and having reached the fence lay down bundles of tinder and faggots along one side in the hope of driving the pigs before it. There is a strong smell of burning fat and from the smokey miasma, they deduce that somewhere there is a smokehouse.

As the fires are lit, the pigs respond and one of the stys is smashed to flinders - from within a giant blackened figure, wreathed in smoke and flame and with the head of a great boar emerges and charges down to the party. The creature is a demon of some type - the creature that the dying orc spoke of - Porcus.

A battle ensues, and whilst the creature is fierce, the party are fresh - Abe's sleep spell lays it low for a moment, then as it rises under great blows, the Bigby's Icy Hand flanking it victory is a matter of time. The herd of pigs, released from their master's cruel gaze, bolt from the compound and the wolf pack picks up the chase, driving them into the icy Milkthistle where they are carried away by the swift current. Meanwhile, in it's filthy lair, a collection of pigskin bags contain the demon's horde.

Victorious, the Silk Glove return to Skyshun and there is suckling pig to feast upon. The next day, Marshall Cillian invites them to join the map room - the wolf riders have withdrawn, we can now hold the forest and take the battle to the foe, will you fight with us?

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