Rotting Glades

The party decide to put off their trip to the elven territories and instead attend Brenal Lions. A the chamberlains offices they find Captain Kay speaking with the undetaker who has just finished dressing the corpse of Aeron Stones of Lions. It is clear from the wounds and the neatly stacked arrows that he has been shot to death. Hubert recognises the style of arrows and says the words Final Oath? Captain Kay nods in agreement and Hubert goes on to explain that some elven war parties show their contempt towards their quarry by pinning a hand to the heart with an arrow.

The party are questioned a little about their moves that night and deny any involvement in shady dealings. The matter is dropped.

Kay then mentions that there is a commission for The Silk Glove if they are interested. The captured pirate Captain Roc has bargained for his life by revealing the location of the necromancer from whom he acquired his skeleton archers. House Lions would like the party to take a vessel to Green Bay on the southern coast of The Anvil and investigate. A slding scale of payments is agreed depending onthe outcome of the investigations and the party set off with every intention of returning with the necromancers head.

Three days later and they have come ashore on a marshy stretch of estuary near the mouth of a small river that emerges from a tidal mangrove swamp. They have been observed by a lizardman who departed swiftly in a war canoe. Pulling their longboat high onto the shore they head inland following the river in search of the Lizardfolk who act as agents for the necromancer, trading live captives for obedient skeletal minions.

Coming across an abandoned village the party investigate a silent figure apparently observing them from within one of the larger huts. It turns out to be the desicated corpse of a lizardman suspended in fine spiderwebs, a sudden rattle from behind accompanies a striking attack from a large viper and at the same time a swarm of blood red spiders descend from the roof and attack. The battle is difficult within the hut with successive thunderwaves bringing part of the roof down and the poison of the spiders and the viper taking their toll. The battle is finally brought to a close with Abe's sleep spell but not before Puff and C have been brought down.

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