Spectre of War

The Silk Glove reach Storm 14 after the battle has been lost and won - they dicover the victors are elves of the ship The Iris under the command of Laurelin Starmaster. The elves came after the Storm 14 in the cover of the fog, mistakenly believing that she was a pirate vessel and intending to take her. What they found is that the lizardfolk had already taken her and the battle ended up between the elves and the lizardfolk.

The elves masacred the lizardfolk using the achery platforms on their ship and tactics that it emerges they have already used to capture three other prizes. The party go down below to see what has become of the missing crewmembers of Storm 14 and discover Captain Kreich clinging to life whilst a lizardfolk champion feasts on his limb. A battle ensues and the champion is dispatched. The remainder of the crew are discovered alive in the bilges.

Storm 14 limps back into Fortuna in the company of The Iris and her three prizes including the sister ship Storm 9 captured by pirates on her maiden voyage and recaptured by the elves.

There is an immediate sense of something having changed on arrival into port - there are no cheering crowds to greet the returning ship, just a larger than usual number of soldiers and military vessels. Indeed as the pilot craft and ferry's come out to the weary flotilla, there is a moments differing and then they back off, leaving the craft struggling to keep their place in a racing tide.

Eventually a vessel from the port authority comes alongside, and at the same time, two military vessels that happened to be leaving the harbour at the time come about to the seaward side. Storm 14 is boarded by a representative of the city who makes it his business to impound all of the vessels and place the crew under arrest. The reason is that the nation of Elan is at war with the elven nation, and they have been collaborating with the enemy.

Some time spent incarcerated in the south port watch house and bail is secured, the bail agent being sent from the marshall's office of House Lions. The party take refuge in the house of Abe's mother and his many sisters. There they learn of the Sluttisham Incident.

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