The Army of the Damned

From the ruins of the Silent Mountain, the two dragon born and their Druid companion watch the column of acolytes make their way across the plain. They have banished them from their unholy monastery and sent them back to their families, though whether sister Niobe will deliver them is uncertain. For now, our heroes have matters of more weight that they must consider.

In her union with Orcus, Thetis has granted the demon lord dominion over the Westgate Cathedral, which grants passage through the walls of the damned city of Caratia. Through this gateway, the demonic armies now have free passage into the world of man.

"Orcus sacrificed much of his power in order to weaken his new consort, so that she could in turn be defeated by us" reasons Claudia. "We must hurry to Caratia whilst he licks his wounds, maybe he can be defeated". The party hurry eastwards out of the mountains seeking the coastal road north.

On the Plain of Stones, amongst the Cairns they meet a powerful demon and a pack of hellhounds, apparently harvesting the pure souls trapped beneath each cairn. A skirmish ensues and the demon is defeated, though not without some difficulty.

Two days later and they have reached the coast road, only to find an army of undead walking in a steady column along it. The Druid has flown ahead and discovered, on the far side of the unending column, a second army, though this time rather more alive. It is an army of ex-thresholders, gathered together under Sir Carlos and Shadrach and come north to meet the enemy. The friends greet each other happy to find some hope in such bleak circumstances.

The army is largely ill prepared, untrained and starving, but their recent intimacy with death and unlike has left them grimly determined to die for their cause. Sails is able to address their hunger, summoning a vast swarm of locusts the men fall upon them gleefully and eat until they are sated.

After a consultation with Carlos and Shadrach, the party decide to cross the road again and head through the foothills and onto the Shattered Plain, they have guides that know the land well and can hope to disappear from their enemy's sight.

Two days later and they make camp at Raven Springs, a deserted fortress at a dry oasis. Sailix, calls water from the springs again and the army set to repairing and reinforcing the walls. Meanwhile Claudia and Sir Carlos pay a visit to the church of the Raven Queen where they are greeted by her avatar. She offers the two paladins the opportunity to deconsecrated the church as serving a trinity of gods, herself, Bahamut and Avandra. An agreement is struck and from the new church, the army and fortress are blessed.

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