The Banished

Four adventurers offer to travel to the village of Desolation in the county of Oceania to investigate the disappearance of two groups of adventurers and a century of infantrymen.

Their journey there is interrupted by the arrival of a cowled figure with a bell about its neck who disturbs their encampment to bring them a message. The message bearer is in turn interrupted by the arrival of two cyclops and their trained venom-eye basilisks. After the batte the messenger has disappeared but the wax tablet that she was given bears the word Banished.

The party proceed to desolation where they receive a cool welcome, however they discover that the mysterious figure is Bella, a leper living outside the town in a hut perched on a high tripod. Paying her a visit they discover that she has been beaten and is recuperating in her bed.

That night there is a message waiting for them as they prepare for sleep, a pictogram showing a sunrise and a tripod. The party are up with the larks, and have to rouse the watch and persuade them to let them out of the gates before sun-up. They leave and the gates are shut again behind them, there is an impression that they are watched from the walls as they make their way to the tripod. Hanged beneath the tripod hut is the familair cowled figure. Unprepared to leave her hanging, the party cut down the body to discover that it is fact not her - rather someone has dressed a corpse in her clothes. The deception confuses the party however casting about the place they discover a very deliberately placed footprint pointing out towards the Bittermarsh.

The meet Bella in the Bittermarsh and she leads them to the deserted village of Whitegold, reclaimed by the swamp when it's inhabitants relocated to Desolation. In a swamped chappel she leads them to a sarcophagus, whose stone lid bears a likeness of Sir Dunsinane and at his feet, a slain dragon. She points to the dragon and points again to the single word on the wax tablet - Banished.

The party realise that she is telling them that there is a dragon nearby and they of course recall that the dragon's were banished by Auld Red for one hundred years of peace. This epiphany is interrupted by a horde of Ghouls streaming up from the submerged crypt. A battle ensues and the party ghouls are beaten into retreat - before they leave, the rest of Sir Dunsinane is disturbed and his body disinterred for reburial in a more sacred place. The magical sword and shield with which he was laid to rest are given to the cleric to look after.

Bella leads the party deep into the Bittermarsh where they bay the adult red dragon in it's nest, and a great battle ensues. They are finally victorious and return with it's head and it horde to Desolation where there are scores to settle.

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