The Battle of Tine Vale

Travelling along the elven Highway, the party are tracked down by the remnants of the Rakshasa mercenary group contracted to operate in Fortuna. There is a battle in the waters of the river Tine and the mercenaries are easily defeated. The party offer the surviving Rakshasa freedom in return for a service and the promise to leave Elan once that service is complete, and the Rakshasa accept the terms and agree to attempt to rescue Livia Blackstock from the crew of The Dirty Blade.

A few hours later and the party find themselves overlooking Tine Vale where it is clear that the forces Elan have already met the Hanorian invaders in battle that continues as the watch. The battlefield is dominated by two gargantuan anime, one closest in shape to an armadillo, and one two an enormous giraffe like creature with a multi-tiered howdah from which cannons fire, and a snaking mechanical neck that topped by a fire breathing furnace that appears almost draconic.

The party descend to the ruins of Flaxford Keep where a group of elven scouts observe the battle below and use semaphore to send messages to the forces below. After the party successfully defend the scouts from a detachment of anime, they are told that the battle has been raging for a day and a half and whilst the invaders number and superior fire power has granted them significant advantages, they have been outclassed strategically on the battlefield and taken heavy losses.

The party search the battlefield for Ketrick Lions and after battling with a significant enemy force they eventually track him down. Pufff presents his founding seal and introduces himself, the situation in Fortuna is explained and finally The Covenant is presented. The party relate the cryptic message from Stern Lions and Ketrick annuls The Covenant.

There is no immediate effect and the enemy having spotted the command group closes for the kill. As the party dig in to defend themselves from the great animated war machine, Pike slices cleanly through a lumber titan slaying it in a single blow and leaving a momentary vision of the animating force, never previously seen - there is a devil bound into the workings and somehow able to control the device. As soon as it is rendered visible, it turns to dust and sinks into the ground.

It quickly becomes clear that all of the animae have been turned into minions and event the great war machine previously all but invulnerable is brought down. The day is won and the invading forces destroyed utterly.

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