The Battle of Tiniel

The Silk Glove manage to impress Marshal Cillian suficient to earn a place at the council of war - a plan is settled upon that will see the party spearhead an assault on the Orc fortification, disguised amongst a captured, retreating band of orcish swineherds. Preparations are made and the following morning they are established on the forest edge overlooking the plain of mud that lies brfore the gates.

The orcs are easily captured and then set free along with a score of wild pigs to run back to the fort - the gates remain open as the beseiged orcs hope to recover the pigs before closing the gate. Waiting invisibly at the gate, the magician Abe sees that the ruse has failed and casts a stinking cloud which affords the remaining members of The Silk Glove, hidden amongst the orcs, to reach the gate. The defenders counter with four trolls however the party hold position long enough to destroy the gates, and are reinforced by the elven elite troops that approached unseen along the Milkthistle River.

The gates taken, the elves are able to storm into the fortress and the battle is taken within. Here the party supports the battle where they can but as a horn calls signal the aproach of orcish reinfocements without the walls, an opportunity for a coup de main appears before them and they close in on Chief Scagerac and his Warlock advisor, Maven.

The battle is won, the reinforcements appear to have already been significantly wounded in another battle, they offer little resistance once it is clear that they have lost their fortress and their leader. The few orcs that survive are those that flee before the elves who take no prisoners .

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