The Black Gate

Deep beneath the surface of the mountain, in the heart of the dwarf mines, The Silk Glove come face to face with a drow arachnomancer and two driders. The fighting is intense and at times it threatens to tip into defeat, but Abe manages to use his stinking cloud to great effect, and the defenders keep the two driders engaged whils the party slowly takes them down. In the end, the defending drow are defeated and the black gate to the Shadowed Realm is left undefended.

On the body of the arachnomancer, there is a ritual scroll that helps Abe to seal the portal.

The party return victorious to the dwarves above and after a good night's rest they say their farewells and depart. Corin the dwarf decides to come with The Silk Glove whilst Hubert and War Shiela elect to stay with the dwarves and help to flush out any remaining drow.

The road through the mountains proves to be a treacherous one, and as the weather closes in the adventurers are glad to find refuge in a mountain hut. The following morning a thick layer of snow has fallen and the going is even harder. Nevertheless, through brute strength and a very small amount of clear thinking, the adventurers again prevail and march into Highkeep that evening.


The town has changed in the six days since the adventurers left it, the guard posts are abandoned as are many residences. Nevertheless the party discover a few scared villagers that are prepared to answer their questions and they discover that the guard has been withdrawn to the keep and the villagers are under a strict curfew. Worse, they have been visited in the night time and several families have vanished.

That night, taking refuge in the inn, Corin witnesses a pack of wild things, apparently skating out on the lake ice. Too far to make out their shapes or their dark purpose he withdraws into the warmth and security of the inn. The following moring, out on the lake, the marks of the skates are discovered and in the middle of them, a hole has been cut down to the dark waters below. Nearby a great quantity of blood shows that something large has been butchered and fed down the hole.

As they return across the ice, the Silk Glove reflect gloomilly on the tale of the dwarf, Taudron who took a great white dragon with him as he fell from the peak one thousand feet above the lake. "I like this not" rumbles C.

Later in the morning, the party present a note to the keep requesting an audience with the lord and explaining that they have returned victorious from the mithril mines. They receive a note, slipped under the inn door, in response that invites them to present themselves to the lord at this evening's masque.

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