The Butcher's Bill

Duc Fleurie disposes his troops onto the plain leaving Puff to command The Drengr Nidgogg. The plan is to attempt to revoke The Settlement only when Claudia is close enough to Orcus to prevent him from teleporting away. If they can hold him in place and then successfully revoke the magic that continues to support an opening to hell, then slaying the Demon Prince will destroy him utterly.

Battle is joined but plans are immediately thrown awry as Orcus takes to the air to destroy the summoned forest. Duc Fluerie leads his heavy cavalry into the heart of the enemy's strongest force and is rapidly isolated leaving Puff to command the remaining forces. The battle rages for an hour, by which time the cavalry have been destroyed, however the loss has drawn Orcus, sensing victory, into the fray.

Claudia moves to engage the prince whilst harried by both his Army of Night and the Legions of Death. She is supported however by the remaining New Eden expeditionary force, who have destroyed a Legion of Hell that had remained tenaciously in their flank. Puff continues to command the forces and with Salix supporting the paladin the tide changes.

The settlement is revoked and over the agonising minutes, a mossy tide of green reclaims the city walls. Still Orcus can sense that his foe is close to death and as the paladin lowers her guard the demon prince draws her into a deadly embrace. Too late he realises that she has sacrificed herself in order to penetrate his guard and as he delivers his death blow, Moonblade slides into his heart.

The battle is won though at great cost, half of the expeditionary army is lost, including most of the Drednr Nidgogg and all of the cavalry along with the Duke and Claudia. The enemy is utterly defeated, with the demon lord gone, the darkness covering the battlefield is lifted and the undead legions are scourged by the sunlight leaving their weaker minions to be picked off by the vengeful expeditionary force. An army of wolves is summoned to hound the fleeing remnants their defeat is complete.

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