The Godsforsaken Land

The Rose makes sail for the hidden pirate port of Sadir under the guidance of Pinch. Creeping up the coastline they reach the dangerous waters know as The Saw where amongst treacherous reefs they are ambushed by three triremes of Hanorian pirates and their undead crew.

The pirate crews are overcome with magic and might and taking their captured prizes in tow, with the cooperation of their prisoners, The Saw is carefully navigated. The Silk Glove finally make landfall in Hanoria at the port of Sadir.

First impressions are of a place that is somehow different, a sense of otherworldliness saturates the land and people. For Claudia however the impression is far stronger, she is able to sense an immediate severance of her connection with the divine, and knows immediately that the divine powers normally at her command have become attenuated.

The characters have do desire to remain in this town which is clearly a dangerous place and make plans to leave the place disguised as lepers or other outcasts from society. Whilst making their plans they witness a theomancer, who has recently entered the town leaving with a train of two hundred enslaved women and children - the male adults have apparently been preserved as undead servants, mostly in the rowing crews of the pirate ships. A confrontation is avoided and it clear that the theomancer and his servants are potent foes.

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