The Hag Undone

Retreating from the earthworks, the party set up camp on and spent a nervous afternoon and night listening for sounds of pursruit. The night passed without event. In the morning refreshed and ready for combat they returned expecting to find traps relaid and guardians doubled. All was as it had been left, nothing had been disturbed.

Pressing on past the morgue The Silk Glove discover a twin room that is drier than the others, an investigation, in Abe's judgement, shows that the dryness is just a freak of geology but what it reveals is that the walls of this deathly place are shored up with skeletons, potentially still animate, obeying their last instruction to hold up the rafters. They pass on.

Entering another chamber, this one apparently a dead end, they discover a skeletal tomb guardian. With a second set of arms and wielding four blades it proves a tough opponent. In the midst of battle it manages to manoever C into a pit trap, and in the time it takes the warforged to clamber out does significant damage to the party. It is only though resilience and blind luck that they survive.

The guardian was defending a hidden passageway that leads from the room and into what appears to be the necromancer's chambers. Dominated by a huge bed, to either side there are skeletal minions holding rusted swords aloft, between them and beneath the covers shivers an elf maid. Terrified she can hardly speak once her captors are dispatched and only points dumbly at the door as a bony footstep is heard.

Doorways are blocked but to no avail, the skeletons come up through the floor, and then, her flesh falling from her bones, the elven maid reveals her true nature, a Hag. Abe whilst concerned for her wellbeing, is no fool and has kept his wits about him, he lets out a cry of alarm as she attacks. The battle is again hard fought, the party, already depleted by the tomb guardian have few tricks remaining. Eventually she is defeated but at a cost. As the dust settles it is clear that Pinch has been slain.

Returning through the foggy jungle, bearing their slain comrade the party reach the beach to the muffled sounds of combat coming from the bay. It seems that mourning the dead must wait as the now fourth level party are compelled to take to the sea again and row out to the aid of Storm 14.

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