The Hive

Having discovered that The Wormway has an investation of Kruthik, The Silk Glove have penetrated deep into the heart of the lair. Having defeated an initial half-dozen perimiter guards Hubert pointed out that they are hunting by smell. He recovers a scent gland from one of the creatures and Abe is struck by the similarity with the smell of the orcish Grash. They make the discovery that taking the Grash partly hides their presence to the Kruthik, and when a second swarm of soldiers come hunting they are able to pick their ground and defeat them decisively.

Having made several good calls in leading the party through the hive, Hubert finally leads them to a high chamber with a floor covered in a resinous honeycomb. Beyond the chamber natural light streams though openings high in the walls, this must be close to an exit.

As the party hurry through the chamber they discover that the resin floor is treacherously slippery and all of them fall prone, with C and Puff sliding some way into the chamber. As they struggle to get a purchase the Kruthik queen drops from the roof and attacks. She has no problem on this surface and manages to do serious injury to the party isolating C and Puff for a few rounds whilst Abe and Hubert struggle back to the entrance and a firm footing.

The battle rages, with the queen using a ranged acid attack and close quarters attacks on C. Finally the warforged warrior with his last ounce of energy and no tricks left in his arsenal, manages to beat a retreat into the entrance hall, out of sight in the chamber beyond the queen bides her time.

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