The Investigation

Six weeks is spent in Fortuna, much of it idling in the shops and bazars of the city. In that time, they dine, discretely with Shamon Cedars a young son of House Cedars. He mentions that his father, Aiden Cedars is frustrated by the open verdict, he was appointed to the role and accepted it however he was offered no resources with which to investigate the case. Working only with the witness he had it was invetibale that he would have to come to an open verdict.

Aiden Cedars is a man of honour and it would be inappropriate for him to sponsor any kind of investigation on behalf of the defence or the prosecution. However, since The Silk Glove had shown interest in this case in the past, well.. maybe idle curiosity might motivate them to dig a little deeper. The party, initially cool towards the idea, eventually tire of shopping and decide to ask a few questions.

The first attept to is to get an example of the steel batons allegedly supplied to the elves - Puff has a steel spearhead crafted by the orcs and Ruby feels that she could perform alchemical testts that might demonstrate that the two came from the same forge. This would demonstrate that the orcs had been crafting with the same steel before the allegedly stolen shipment came to them.

Corin manages to arrange a viewing of the goods with an agency acting as brokers to both the stolen shipment and to the confiscated Riverside Foundry of House Lens. The viewing is sufficient to tell Ruby that a test is feasible but the brokers will not permit the baton to be taken away. It seems that the only means of getting access to an example baton is nefarious.

The next investigation focuses on the hauliers Butcher And Sons Hauliers, that arranged passage of the weapons from the foundry to the purchaser Barfi Kord in Stonespoke. Having failed to arrange an interview with Hamman Butcher the party instead question the staff, clients, neighbours and the city guard. Eventually the pressure bears fruit and an interview with Hamman is granted.

Hamman reveals that the sale was on the face of it legitimate, the seller was named Mr Chiral and he alleged that he had a legitimate sale to Barfi Kord. Hamman says that the caravan guards were recruited from the marine crew of a vessel named The Dirty Blade that was in doc for repairs. The guards notoriously disappeared when the wagon was alleged to have been attacked. Hamman also says that at the last minute he was told by an agent for House Lens that a House Lions agent, Shevek Palfrey was to travel incognitio with the caravan.

Ruby and Corin decide to head down to the docs and ask some questions about The Dirty Blade. They send a message to The Three Feathers telling the others where they have gone, and on receiving it the others decide that this could be a dangerous business and resolve to join them.a

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