The Lions Tale

The party decides to adopt the name The Silk Glove and preapres to present themselves at Lions Palace for an audience with the court of House Lions.

They are to attend the following evening and, following the advice of both Captain Kay and Teela May they secure the services of the dwarvern minstrel Dalin Ironmouth and a tailor Peter Broadfoot.

Dalin's attempt to school them in the art of storytelling to some extent falls upon deaf ears although Pinch seems to take to the art better than most. The tailor sighs and tuts but eventually agrees to robe the party so that they might just be fit to show their faces for 200gp he further agrees to extend a loan taking the party's funds up to 3000gp.

Upon arival at court it is clear that they are well below the salt, in fact they are fed with the other entertainers (including a bear) in the green room outside of the dinning hall. Their time comes and they emerge to an indifferent audience.

The audience interest is very quickly piqued however when Pinch tumbles from his hiding place beneath the feasting tables and introduces their sorry tale. Good fortune and sound judgement carries the audience along with them to a stunning denoument where the elven childs skull and accompanying pendant are presented to the high table in a our de force of pathos. A stunned silence is followed by a rising and uncertain round of applause that ends with back slapping and hammed up wipping of tears.

The prize is to exchange in a series of formal present swapping from which The Silk Glove emerges with a set of hide armour and a thundering sling, and has committed to the giving of a gift to the value of a level 4 magic item.

Flushed with success and no small amount of alcohol, the party bids farewell to thier evenings hostesses, Teela May and Skyblue and looks to head back to The Three Feathers. Unfortunately the sedan chair carriers are not permitted in Lions Palace and the carriages are all a bit steep so The Silk Glove decide to walk.

In the deep of the night on Rice Street with nary a guardsman in sight, unarmed and unarmoured, they are waylaid by a band of cut-throats. The attack begins with a peal of thunder that dazes three of them, only Puff keeps his wits about him. This is followed by a charging dwarf who smashes Pinch to the floor and batters him with a sledge hammer.

Puff flashes his dragon's breath and C weilds his fists and three of the attackers are laid low, then a flash of lightning and Abe is knocked out and Pinch is writhing in pain.

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