The Masque

The afternoon is spent making themselves presentable to court and by the time the evening comes around The Silk Glove iss as smart as they are going to get. The real question is can they get away with wearing armour and bearing arms? The party opt for going armed and armoured but taking a weapons cache as insurance against being disarmed. Strangely they are invited into the court without being disarmed and so eventually they are presented to court arrayed for battle.

The celebration has seemed strange from the moment that they began, with attendees either silent and bewildered or aloof and urbane. The difference between the two parties becomes clear when the Dukes son, having anounced the death of the Duke then invites his loyal courtiers to feast. However, it appears that the meal to be served up is principally the good folk of Highkeep to the apparently vampiric courtiers.

A battle ensues which is in it's initial stages exceedingly bloody - the good folk of Highkeep fall like dry grass beneath the blade, however it is clear that the newley created vamipre spawn are little more robust and in early exchanges many of them are laid low. Now however, it is the vampire lord and his kin that face the party over the many fallen.

The vampire lord, Hansel, is defeated along with his undead brothers, however whilst they fall, he turns to smoke and disappears. There follows a desperate search of the halls of High Keep until, high up in the cliff face, an old chapel is discovered, overlooking the frozen lake below and with the wind moaning through it's empty windows. Within the small chamber, two confins flank a huge iron-bound oak sarcophagus.

The party is appropriately circumspect and before approaching, Abe scorches one coffin, whilst the other is smashed to flinders - then C rushes across to the great sarcophagus and sits astride it, preventing it from opening. All their caution is to no avail however as insubstantial wraiths and a banshee rise through the floor and engage. The banshee is a fearsome opponent, whilst the wraiths are merely inconvenient, however Hansel is a tuely formidible challenge - fully regenerated he emerges through airholes in the sarcophagous to coallesce from the vapours. He is too late however - his allies are significantly reduced and as he finds himself once again alone against the Silk Glove he forms into mist and flees the scene.

The battle is done and the curse of Highkeep is lifted.

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