The Old Enemy Implicated

The Fiendish Device tired of being taunted by the paladin, yet prevented from reaching him by the dwarf, elected to tunnel sideways through the walls in order to close on the foe. This presented an escape route for the party and they were quickly able to get out from the dead end and withdraw from the battle. Battered and bruised, the party decided to keep their momentum and re-engaged the device in open ground of their choosing - here where numbers could be brought to bear they were finally victorious.

The steel door that had proved impassable in the midst of combat was soon opened when the pressure was off and the party entered into an enormous vaulted chamber where many hundreds of carefully packed weapon components were stored. The weapons were all without any makers mark and from the packaging it was clear that they had been shipped in from Hanoria.

Beyond the storage chamber was a well kept and orderly office, within which was a safe. Eager to prove himself after failing to open the lock in the earlier battle, Vinnie made short work of the locks and the trap designed to destroy the contents. The party recovered a collection of papers and ledgers that clearly implicated Captain Chiral as an agent of Hanoria in distributing weapons to the enemies of the state of Elan.

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