The Ossuary

Without their magician, the party secure the services of a mercenary wizard who gives his name as The Professor, he is prepared to join them for this jungle expedition and has some experience with the Lizardfolk.

Heading quickly into the wilds beyond Greenhaven the party manage to avoid giving spies any time to report their presence and manage to pass unseen (or at least unchallenged) through the Lizardfolk territories. They arrive at Cemetery Hill in the late morning.

The hill rises out of the swamps and is the first significantly high ground since Greenhaven, any sign of tombs or gravestones is hidden by the thick undergrowth. There is a sense of unnatural stillness about the place, all of the sounds of the jungle are quiet here. The party is clumsily ambushed by a tribe of Lacedon ghouls and in the confusion of battle Ruby is separated in the water and almost slain.

Once the ghouls are defeated, a little searching reveals an entrance to a barrow that might date from the foundation of Greenhaven and outside it, some earthworks that appear more recent, though still overgrown - Corin estimates this is soil from significant excavations made maybe two years ago. Amongst the earthworks there are also the remains of drying racks and a brick oven.

Stout iron gates seal the entrance to the barrow, however Vinni makes short work of the gates, and then, spotting a trap neutralises this as well. On the stone flagstones of the tomb there are regular markings as if some heavy traffic has passed through, though not recently.

beyond the entrance a short flight of steps descend into a large ossuary lined with shelves bearing skeletal remains and containing several sarcophagi. As the party enter, a great many of the skeletons rise and attack.

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