The Road West

The Silk Glove first arrange for a funeral for their fallen comrade, Pinch - an undertaker's services are contracted and the event is set for the following day. The afternoon is spent attempting to report in to House Lions however hours spent fruitlessly waiting in the outer reception hall of Lions Palace leaves them dispirited. To end a miserable day, a small child waiting with some other family in the reception halls presents a note to Puff, penned by a refined hand, the note reads:

Yours is not the most politic of company right now, take a break in the country

The heroes return to their humble lodgings and rising in a solemn mood they prepare for the funeral. Arriving early in the parish of Ham the friends meet the undertaker and prepare for the procession to the graveyard. It is clear that there is a significant contingent of armed Halflings, and they are obviously policing the event. The Silk Glove have been publicly identified as elven collaborators, however it appears that the Halflings are not about to permit any interference in this funeral.

Following the funeral the party discover a note delivered to their lodgings, it is addressed to The Dragonborn Gentleman, and reads:

The Hen and Chickens,
Inchworm Street,

26th, Fallowfell 85


I hope that you will forgive the improprietary nature of my unsolicited communication, however having noticed your kindness with that young child and the exceedingly gracious manner in which you and your fellows conducted yourselves in the Palace of Lions yesterday, I felt that it would be remiss of me not to offer you a word of advice.

I have been waiting on the pleasure of House Lions myself for six days now and it is such a dispiriting place that I feel that you should know now, rather than discovering in a week's time that you are probably waiting in vain. I find myself wondering what I am doing wasting my time in that awful place but I am so wracked with despair that I feel there is nowhere else to turn.

Please forgive this intrusion, I am sure that you know what is best.

Kindest regards,

Eve Palfrey

The party decide to send a message to Mrs Palfrey at the The Hen and Chickens and receive in return an invite to tea that evening. Abe and Puff meet and take tea in the genteel surroundings of the coach house. There they discover the nature of Mrs Palfrey's distress.

It appears that Shevek Palfrey youngest brother to Eve and captain in service to House Lions has gone missing and she suspects that it was in or near to Sluttisham. Naturally she is very concerned however, there has been no word from his employers and she has noone else to turn to. The Silk Glove volunteer to go in search of her brother and she insists on going with them. Early the following morning the adventurers and their patron head out onto the Westway.

After several days travel, the party find themselves a little off the road at the village of Corbyn, there at The Pig and Nightgown the labourers and villagers are celebrating completion of the year's harvest. Things get rather boisterous and a little competitive, but it ends in good enough spirits and a confrontation is avoided.

Before leaving the next day the party receive a couple of bits of information, Eve is told that someone answering her brother's description passed that way three weeks ago, and Abe is told to have a care passing through Crabapples, there are boar there as big as a horse and mad as bottle of wasps.

The party leave and late that afternoon passing through the abandoned hamlet named Crabapples they do indeed meet a couple of huge boars.

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