The Rose and Thorns

In the aftermath of the battle of Tine Vale the Hanorian animae were revealed to be vessels for the agency of devils and with the Covenant revoked they were rendered very fragile vessels. The actions of The Silk Glove led directly to the turning of the battle as the most powerful of the devices were rendered to minions. Another consequence of their release from the strictures of the covenant was that the demons were no longer bound to the will of their Hanorian masters and many fled the battlefield and found themselves scattered through the counties of Elan.

The two dragonborn Puff and Claudia have spend six months travelling the land hunting down these remaining animae rather than returning to Fortuna to have their heroic actions feted by the citizenry. This has changed the perception of them as Heroes of Elan into a possibly more enduring reputation as folk heroes, and across the land their names are sung and tavern are renamed and redecorated.

Now, as the two dragonborn idle in the city they are able to take in a little more of the political consequences of their victory. House Lions was the only one of the Founding Houses to commit itself fully to the defence of the country - the other three houses had a presence on the day but only junior officers of each house commanding limited forces attended. As a consequence it is Lions that rides high in public opinion, however this has served to unite the others in common cause and a bloody political battle is now raging in the capital.

Politics bores the two dragonborn however and as they have ducked the significant political roles offered to them from all houses they are at their leisure to remain aloof. Lions however still has some call on their time and when Ketrick Lions proposes that they might be interested in a venture The Silk Glove is interested enough to attend him.

Whilst political battles rage here, there are still the more traditional battles to be had with Hanoria. With the fleet largely destroyed there has been little opportunity to mount any kind of retaliation or even to send a diplomatic convoy. The pirates of Greenhaven have also made things very difficult. The Lions shipyards have been busy however and things are about to change. Before decisive action can be taken however intelligence is required and for that Ketrick would like to ask the Silk Glove to go to Hanoria and find how the land lies. A diplomatic convoy is to follow them but this is to be a more covert mission.

A new vessel has been commissioned for them, The Rose is a fast clipper, following the design of The Iris but with improved lines, copper bottomed and copper fastened. She is to be skippered by Laurelin Starmaster and she will take the dragonborn wherever they command.

A crew is recruited with a dozen elven sharpshooter marines, five expert technicians and assistants and finally a magician named Nazgul who was raised as the daughter of a merchant prince in the city of Jalala the principal seaport of Hanoria. She can act as a translator and guide in that city and as an arcanist and rogue she is likely to useful in other ways.

Five days into the trip and The Rose comes across two vessels that appear to be locked together. As they approach the dragonborn recognise The Serpentine and as they come alongside they can recognise her captain William Lacey. It is clear that there has been a considerable battle to take this prize and his numbers are greatly reduced. He recognises the two dragonborn as somebodies of Greenhaven and in recognition of this offers to sell them the prisoners he has taken for a gold apiece.

The discussion breaks down and a melee ensues - Lacey's dozen men that remained standing are joined by a great many more as the fallen reveal that they were in fact feigning death and many more were hiding below. In the battle however it is clear that the two dragonborn along with a dozen elven marksman and supported by the wizard Nazgul are not going to be troubled by mere journeymen pirates. The Serpentine and her prize are taken in turn.

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