The Siege

In Fortuna, the surviving members of The Silk Glove have come together in the service of Stern Lions acting as members of his secret defence force. The armies of Fortuna have gone south hoping to engage the expeditionary force of Hanoria in Tine Vale - it is generally felt that the city would be raised if it had to withstand a seige and so a battle in the field has more chance of success.

In the meantime, a skeleton garrison remains to defend the city from any marine force that might be landed by the ships blockading the port. However it is a less explicit threat that seems to assail the city as each night, spies, assassins and saboteurs creep into the city to sap the morale and weaken the resistance in anticipation of a successful outcome to the south. It is against this onslaught that Stern Lions has been appointed to defend the city.

Lions has many tasks that need attention but he leaves it to the Silk Glove to prioritise them:

The Dragonrider
Erdan Dragonrider, having created a riot when he was carried on the back of an ancient white dragon into the heart of the city, has spoken of the imminent battle as being lost before it is fought unless he can persuade a signatory to The Covenant to revoke it. Lions is at a loss as to what to do with the bard and has asked that the Silk Glove babysit him. He meanwhile seems interested only in securing The Covenant and some time talking face to face with a ranking member of a founding house.
The Barbarian
An elven native has percolated through the various layers of bureaucracy until he has found himself in front of Lions. He apparently speaks for his tribe who are natives of Tine Vale and is prepared to help in the coming battle - no one with any significant military authority will give him a hearing - Stern Lions knows that he may have to get to the battle quickly and values this guide. "Keep him close and see how far we can trust him" are his instructions.
The Wizard
Dillip Sender is a wizard and as much of an expert on Hanorian Anima as can be found he has been nagging that he needs to capture a live anima so that he can undertake some experiments on it. He would like some help and Lions has promised that if the opportunity arises then he will oblige. Keep this in mind.
The Prisoner
A rather inept agent of the enemy was picked up last night. Despite considerable incitement he has so far revealed nothing - Lions believes that he was perhaps meant to be caught and wonders why. In his equipment he carried a mysterious magical device that Sender has been unable to identify.
The Turncoat
Lions has been watching the enemy land their agents on a remote beach two miles out from town - he has been able to follow them and disrupt their activities without alerting them to the fact that they are discovered. Over the course of the week however one of their number has managed to make contact with his agents - it appears that he has guessed that they are being watched but wishes to turn coat. This agent needs to be evaluated.
The Honeytrap
Lions has been trying to entrap the agents by setting up fake meetings of significant players, he hopes that he will draw the enemy into a rash and expensive action and even catch them when they strike. This morning three of his best field agents were putting the finishing touches on one of these stings and they were apparently ambushed, all three were slain. This needs investigation.
The Gate
One of the many rumours that spread around the city is that there is something undermining the curtain wall alongside the Marmaluke Gate. These rumours have been substantiated by a surveyors report that seems to indicate that the enemy may be undermining the wall there. It needs to be investigated.
The Assassins
Somewhere in the city several potent assassins act with apparent impunity, striking down key figures in the ordering and running of the town and its defences. As a consequence a great many of the great men of the city cannot travel abroad and many of the normal political activities are denied. No one has reported seeing these assassins at work, everyone suspects that they walk amongst us unseen. Something must be done.

The Silk Glove choose first to meet up with the turncoat and on a beach in the middle of the night they discover that Abe has survived and is in service to Captain Chiral aboard The Dirty Blade. He assures them that he is well, but that his position is compicated by a hostage entanglement. He will attempt tomorrow to secure a pass to come ashore for the night and tell them more.

Later they return and head to the Marmaluke Gate, there they discover and battle a Shadow Hulk that has been undermining the walls. They defeat it and from its gizzard they recover 3 large emeralds (1000gp each).

It is eleven o'clock in the morning just after the Half-Moon of Dustin, if they hope to go south and support the battle in Tine Vale then there are five more days before they must leave.

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