The Turncoat

The Silk Glove continue to attend to the pressing issues in the defence of Fortuna, whilst they wait for their opportunity to meet up with Abe the following night. Investigating further at the scene of the Shadow Hulk attack reveals little more, some tracks from a barefoot woman or elf but nothing of much substance.

Visiting the scene of one of the assassinations that took place two days previously turns up more success however. The elven barbarian is able to pick up a strong animal like urine scent mark and resolves to use tracker dogs to see if he can run down his prey. In the mean time, Erdan, the bard is able to use a ritual on the corspe of one of the slain to get a glimpse of the killer before he struck - it appears that there is a team of Rakshasa working in the city. Furthermore, it is also discovered that there have been many more killings than those in public, the city's underworld is in turmoil as many gang bosses have been slain as well. The dogs are set to tracking the assassins and whilst they have few initial successes, the handlers feel that it is only a matter of time.

The party meet with Abe again in the dunes a few miles along the coast and this time he has arranged for some shore leave. A plan is hatched to get him aboard The Dirty Blade by killing the shore party and posing as them in order to row out to the ship. Abe tells the party that the strange device that came into their possession will summon a squadron of animae that will spend a short time slaying everyone about them before teleporting away again. He proposes that using this device aboard the enemy ship should sow sufficient confusion to carry the day.

Unfortunately things do not proceed to plan - Claudia has been sleeping and is nearing the 8 hour mark so she is left behind. This leaves only four members of The Silk Glove to defeat the shore party. One of them is easily handled as he accompanied Abe on his shore visit and was detained at a brothel. A second is surprised and slain before the remaining pirates know what is going on. However once the cover is blown and it comes to blows, the remaining three pirates and the Oni Mage proove to be rather more of a handful than anticipated. Abe is surrounded and quickly cut down - he is healed but with the pirates still surrounding him he is again cut down and this time is slain outright. The pirates are defeated eventually but a mile out to sea it is clear that Captain Chiral's crew have seen what is going on and there is a female figure hanging from a rope amongst the shrouds.

With only the slimest of pyrrhic victories to celebrate The Silk Glove return to the city with the body of their friend.

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