The Wormway

As predicted by Stern Lions orcs watched the road at Abbotsward however they were swiftly dispatched by The Silk Glove. Released from her orcish masters a slave showed herself, Kelsey of Blake had been taken from the road by the orcs along with her children three months before and was able to describe how she had been drugged with Orcish Graash and brought along The Wormway to this lookout post. She had been here two weeks, however she now has an appetite for revenge rather than escape.

The party decide that she is no hero and after getting as much guidance as possible, resolvev to set her back on The Westway whilst they attempt to retrace the orcish scout's steps back along The Wormway in search of their stronghold.

Making their way through the ravines and gullies, the party slip into a dune of soft sand deep into a cave lying aat the feet of a cliff. Looking up towards the distant daylight they begin to look for an exit but are disheartened to see the skeletal remains of an orc that must have fallen to a deathly fate. Then, from the darkness, the restless spirit of that dead orc rises and confronts them. Their follows a desparate struggle from which the party eventually emerge victorious. They claim a huge orcish Falchion as their prize, it is magical but there is something about its nature that will not reveal itself.

Helping each other to clamber to a tunnel opening high above the orc remains the party enter a series of subteranean caves that appear carved from the ground. After some time following the tunnel past several branches and forks the party pause for a rest. From the gloom a great spider like beast attacks them, it is a Kruthik, and it is joined by more and more of the beasts summoned from their tunnel lair to thee intruders.

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