The Silk Glove have a magical blade crafted by the Trueheart orcs from the steel that House Lions supplied to them though its vassal House Lens. If they had a sample of the steel batons supplied to the orcs then they using alchemy, then Ruby believes that she would be able to prove that the two were from the same source. Unfortunately the batons supplied to the orcs have been impounded within the House Lens Riverside Foundry which has itself been turned over to the state, and though they have tried, the party have been unable to get a sample.

Being men, dragonborn, half-elves, dwarves and gnomes of some subtlety and much determination they decide that they will attempt to break into the foundry and appropriate a baton for themselves.

Within the foundry they discover a furnace elemental has slipped its magical bindings and they fight the fearsome creature amidst a conflagration. Abe's sleep spell manages to get purchase on the creatures psyche and they overcome it. Unfortunately the Gnome, Vini is so terrified by the sight of the elemental that his courage fails him and he disappears. Maybe it brings memories of the destruction of his people at the hands of some fiery subterraneans, but whatever the excuse, The Silk Glove find themselves facing a locked vault with no burglar.

Undaunted Abe draws out a token, gifted him by the alchemist Hawksmoor, it is a token of thievery
"However it may be subject to some variant side-effects" he was warned. He consumes the paper token and is imbued with the skills and memories of a thief (and the wisdom to match). Two traps are discovered and efforts made to disable them, however when the vault is opened a glyph of warding detonates and a great many stirges are released from high above. The traps make it impossible for the defenders to get to the strikers and a battle royale commences.

The party win through and secure entrance into the vault where the steel batons are discovered. Along with them, there is evidence that the craftsmen were making efforts to make copies of a fine suit of magical elven braidmail and a magical adamantine battleaxe. Along with this there is some very valuable magical essence.
"We came for a single bar of steel, it would be wrong to take more" says Abe, Corin agrees however neither of them are able to dissuade the others from stealing the valuables.

Once their boatman has returned them to the city, Abe takes his leave, saying that he will go and find Shamon Cedars and tell him the news. The remainder head for a warm pint at The Three Feathers, whilst Ruby clears their rooms to establish an ad hoc laboratory. Outside the others fret about what to do with their stolen booty and maybe, just maybe they begin to regret their actions.

Some hours later, Ruby finds them dozing around the fire and wakes them to tell them the news.
"I am certain they are different, I have repeated the tests and whilst they are both five-fold steel, the amount of chromium is far lower in the baton and there is the orcish spearhead is harder. This orcish spearhead was not crafted from Lens steel."
"Where is Abe?" asks Puff it is midnight and there is no sign.

The party expect the worst and retrace their steps into the dark city, they head to House Cedars and the night porter says that he was there at eleven but left after delivering a note. By two they return to the inn where the pot boy is woken.
"Oh masters, the gnome, he came by and told a terrible tale. One of Master Abe's sisters has been arrested for the worshiping of Bahamut sirs. He says to tell you this and you'd know what to do, he's gone out looking for you himself sirs."

The party hurry to Abe's family home to find a dim light on. They are admitted and told that sure enough she was arrested at her workplace and whilst she had an inquisitive mind and may have known of Bahamut, she was no devotee. Abe was here it seems but he left about an hour ago telling them that he would see to it.

Weary but determined, in the cold morning light, The Silk Glove make their way to the parish guard office to see if they are holding anyone. But no, they have no truck with these dragonborn vigilantes, in fact they are increasingly at odds with them. If The Redeemers have her then she is likely to be secured on one of their boats moored out in the river.

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