To the Victor the Spoils

The battle with the orc bloodrager comes to a premature end - As he jumped to the deck Pinch is smashed to the ground unconscious, only to replaced by the ranger Hubert swinging over from Storm 14. The orc demonstrates to C just how handy he is with an axe before Abe demonstrates his daily power and the magic sleep begins to take effect.

A few more desperate hacks from the orc and his lids drop - quick as a flash Puff is on him wrapping him up in yards of hawser. The Lamprey is taken and the day is won.

On arrival in Fortuna there is quite a welcoming party including a party of several courtiers from House Lions, at the center of which is Dain of Lions deep in conversation with an unknown but grandly dressed dwarf. The captain presents The Silk Glove who are greeted cordially but little time is spent on pleasantries before Teela May and Skyblue escort them back to the Three Feathers.

Much to Pinch's annoyance it is clear on their return that again someone has searched their room again - there is nothing of value there and so nothing has gone, but it is clear that the room is not secure.

The evening is spent in the company of the courtiers and other more mundane admirers. Hovering about the fringes there are several minstrels keen to get the scoop on what has happened and by the end of the eveening outrageous exagerations on the basic theme are taking shape.

The following morning Abe makes an interesting discovery, in a pot next to the bed in which he keeps loose coppers, there is a small silver ring, not valuable and not the sort of thing that he would wear. Inscribed within the ring in tiny elven characters is this message:

You are watched, come this evening to River Court, leave Stones - A friend

Resolved to visit the elven ambassador and return the child's remains along with the pendant, the party set off first in search of new clothes. A lazy afternoon is spent in the company of the tailor, Peter Broadfoot and after a long lunch there is no time for ambassadors.

In the evening, Stones is dispatched to the embassy to try and arrange an audience the following day and whilst he is gone the Silk Glove slip out of The Three Feathers and head for River Court. In the pleasure gardens the party meet Aldonich of White and are told that they have been closely watched and that they will find it difficult to meeet with the elves if the watchers get their way. He has arranged a meeting with the elves this evening if the party care to meet him, they agree and are spirited away in a carriage to an audience with the Elven Ambassador.

The ambassador listens carefully to their tale, asking occasional questions but otherwise remaining grimly silent. At the story's close he thanks the party for their consideration, the parents of the child are still alive and live in Morst close to the Bidewell border. He feels that if the Silk Glove were to present the remains to the family they would wish to present a gift in return, such is the elven way. Agreeing to travel to the elven town, the ambassador tells them to meet with a guide at Willowgate for first light in the morning, he will take them to the elven village.

As the party make their way from the residence they witness Stones speaking with a dwarf and some rough types in the shadows across the street. As they watch, there is a hue and cry nearby and as the watch come running Stones and his lackeys disappear into the night. The party head back to The Three Feathers.

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