Unrepelled Boarders

Under continuing arrow fire, the captain of the Storm 14 gives the instruction to loose all canvas and bring her about. Suddenly there is a sense of purpose in the crew and the vessel heels about and comes hard on the wind chasing after the pirate vessel. Meanwhile the hunted hunter recognising that there is something afoot comes about and tries to keep her distance - it is clear that the Storm 14 is going to overhaul her however but then with asharp crack she looses her foremast.

The turncoat marines, Golde and Mens have tampered with the lines and all she can do is sit rocking in the water as Captain Kreich orders all sail to be struck. The Lamprey seing this turn of events, falters - she was heading back to the fleet to see out an easier prize but seeing advantage here she closes to arrow range again. With a shout the crew disappear into the shrouds and quick as a flash the Storm 14 comes about on half sail and her grapples take hold, stern to stern.

The pirates board at the rear of Storm 14 but the Silk Glove hold their position at the bow as it slowly comes alongside the pirate vessel. Then, as the pirates prosecute a boarding action on Storm 14 our heroes board the pirate ship and come into their flank.

The captain, a screaming red faced orc in outlandish costume directs the necromancer and his servant to lead a kobald reserve against the party. The necromancer still commands a few skeletons hanging in the shrouds and sporadic arrowfire comes down from above. The kobald minions are soon dispatched however the wizard sends black lightning whipping through the fray before he can be closed with and finished off. His beserk servant takes a little more stopping but soon the concentrated attentions of the party finish him.

Realising that there is more to this boarding party than can be handled with his reserve, the pirate captain withdraws his first mate from Storm 14 and throws him against the Silk Glove. The first mate is an ogre weilding a great length of mast and two skulks, a gnome and a halfling hide in his tailcoat. They proove to be almost as much a handful as the ogre and Pinch is brought to unconsciousness before they can be tamed.

By now the battle on board Storm 14 has almost fought to a standstill, the few remaining marines have taken their toll of the pirates but they are outnumbered now and the day is all but lost unless the party can do something. The pirate captain has no reserves now, nor can he draw anyone from the fray, and so with a bound he leaps to the main deck, spits on his blade and bellows a warcry.

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