War Zone

Defeating the two dire boar, the party discover a +1 dagger of terror embedded in it's skull, Abe declares that it is unique in his experience - these things are items are generally much more significant martial weapons such as axes or glaives. A brief exploration of the Crabapples reveals no clues as why the place was abandoned and the party resolve to press on along the Westway.

In the early evening The Silk Glove are pulled up by a mounted squadron from the Beck First Infantry who inform them that the road is interdicted and that they are not permitted to travel upon it unless on imperial business. There is some discussion as to the rights of the army versus the rights of a citizen of Fortuna and a little debate as to how able the party is to defend itself. The outcome is that they are invited to bivouac with the soldiers overnight and will be escorted to Sluttisham in the morning.

An evening spent in the company of the soldiers reveals a slightly different spin on the Sluttisham Incident. The elves broke in in the early hours of the morning, the gate guards were slain and the doors opened and from there they proceeded directly to The Sly Fox. At the inn they slipped into the common room and set about slaughtering the guests, all of whom had arrived in a merchant caravan that afternoon. Now these guests were pretty hard bitten caravan guards and a brawl soon broke out into the street with the elves outnumbered and routed. Here in the street a large number of elven archers were waiting and the guards fell to withering arrow fire. The elves went about delivering the Last Oath to several of the wounded. They then went into the stables, hitched the caravan wagons and disappeared into the night in front of a great many witnesses. A fire had broken out in the tavern during the brawl and the flames went on to consume the building, it's landlord and his family.

Little is known of the caravan save that it was from Fortuna and destined for Stonespoke, none of it's members are known to have survived.

The following day The Silk Glove are delivered to Sluttisham and presented to Commander Beck's staff seargant. They are billetted in the tithe house and Eve Palfrey is directed towards the mayor's wife who has been housing the quality.

Some time is spent in the town trying to determine what has become of Shevek Palfrey without much luck. A worker at The Sly Fox says that there were two men cgiving orders and the younger could have fitted his description, the undertaker says that he saw no such person, though three of the men were burnt in the fire so he may have been amongst them.

The party have resolved to press on to Stonespoke when they recognise Stern Lions and approach him. The vagabond minstrel suggests to them that events such as this have been anticipated, he quotes Newlon's Hypothesis that suggests that as the indiginous species of predatory races is squeezed out of the more fertile lands, pressure will increase on the elven territories on the margins. The elven ambassador, he assures them, has been lodging complaints and petitions to the Palace of Voices continuously over the last three years.

Unfortunately the policy of garrisoning the towns only makes them tougher targets encouraging the races to look at the elves as more attractive targets. Stern believes that a better policy would be actively policing the margins, preventing the establishment of aggressive tribal settlements. If the party were minded to get involved in shaping policy on such matters they might like to investigate evidence of this theory.

Eve Palfrey agrees to wait for The Silk Glove in Sluttisham for two days and whilst they travel to Abbotsward a ruined monastry that overlooks the abandoned village of Crabapples. Stern Lions tells them that for many years since it was abandoned orcs used it as a watch tower to keep an eye on troop movements along the Westway. There had been several police actions in the past to dislodge them but they always return and in recent times, keeping strong garrisons has been seen as more cost effective.

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