Prelude To War

Uncertainty and rumours define the mood of the common folk in the provinces. Farmsteads have been destroyed by raiding goblins but the great houses seem to be reluctant to seek out and destroy the nests of these foul creatures.

Flaxford Keep

The people of Flaxford have been under pressure from a tribe of Blueface Goblins that have settled into the catacombs beneath the ruins of Flaxford Keep. The mayor of the town calls in favours from the adventurers guilds of Fortuna and a party of three adventurers explore the ruins. They emerged once with one of their number slain, and the two remaining adventurers returned the following morning and were never heard from again.

Return to Flaxford Keep

Six months later and the mayor of Flaxford scrapes together enough for a bounty that attracts the Silk Glove, a party of four adventurers, to again explore the ruins and root out the goblin threat. The party enter the caverns and fight their way through to the goblin's den, slaying the brood mother and releasing the prisoners held by the goblins.

Exploring the goblin's den it is evident that the goblins are in fact only setting up a beachhead for their hobgoblin masters. The prisoners were being fed, butchered and salted, the cellars being repurposed as barracks rooms and high quality arrow and quarrel shafts. Furthermore, a hobgoblin messenger was caught and slain outside the gates by the mercenary reinforcements finally sent by House Lions ultimately responsible for the security of Flaxford.

In releasing the prisoners the Silk Glove also came across the remains of an elven child along with a pendant depicting the parents of the child. They resolve to use the pendant to attempt to return the child's remains.

The Lion's Den

Returning to Fortuna along with an introduction to the court of House Lions, the Silk Glove present their story, first to Captain Kay of Lions and then, taking some lessons in presentation, to the court itself. The presentation is a success and they receive plaudits and gifts from the courtiers.

The Deb's Cherry

Returning, flushed with success from their successes at court, the party is attacked by a gang of would be thieves. Despite being unarmed and armoured, the thieves are beaten and with the exception of a wizard that fled the scene, the criminals are handed to the watch. The following morning the party discover that they have been the target of a scam named a "Deb's Cherry" - the two surviving perpetrators are sentenced and the Silk Glove thanked for their good citizenship.

It is understood that the scam is generally performed with the collusion of someone in court and there is some embarrassment in the House Lions Estate Office. Whilst the house pursues its internal investigations, Aeron Stones of Lions is assigned to the party for protection within the city. His services are not much used however for the next day the party are invited by Brenal Lions on a naval expedition.

Storm 14

The Storm class vessel represents a new venture on the part of the House Lions shipyards - the first purpose built (or refitted) fighting vessel. Traditionally the merchant houses have always recruited mercenary or diplomatic protection for their vessels, however piracy has increased and in the absence of any available third party, the rules are changing.

These vessels are designed to be fast attacking craft - carrying a marine cohort prepared to board and take over pirate vessels. The Silk Glove are to form part of a marine crew under Captain Tomlin Kreich and accompany a merchant fleet five days out from Fortuna. They are joined by a group of dwarvern mercenaries named The Last Word and four other freelancers.

The pirates strike on the third day and battle is joined. It is clear that the principal weakness of the marine crew is their lack of effective ranged fire-power, however the storm of arrows is weathered and the party board the pirate flagship attacking the flanks of the pirate force as they in turn board the Storm 14.

Night Moves

On their return to Fortuna, the Silk Glove are secretly contacted and invited to a rendezvous at River Court they are told not to bring Stones. At River Court the party meet Aldonich of White who tells them that he has arranged an interview with the elven ambassador Etherian Highbow, he advises them to take the offer because he doubts that House Lions will arrange a similar audience. Without making any concrete accusations, he implies that their intentions are less than honourable.

The party takes up the offer and following a meeting with the ambassador, agree to meet an elven guide named Quicksilver at the Willow Gate the following morning, and travel to Skyshun the home of the still living parents to the child who's remains they carry.

On leaving the ambassadors residence, the Silk Glove observe Stones apparently giving orders to a dozen ne'er-do-wells in a nearby alley. Whilst he has not seen the party, he does hear a shout of alarm given from a nearby street and an answering call as the city watch run to investigate. Stones and the shady characters he was dealing with immediately run off.

The party's return to The Three Feathers is otherwise uneventful and they take to their beds knowing that it is an early start in the morning. When morning comes, as they make their way out of the tavern, someone calls to them - a messenger has been sent from Brenal Lions for the party to attend his office in the morning - the messenger tells them that Stones has been slain.

The Rotting Glades

Having discovered that it appears that Stones was slain by elves, the party may be glad that they did not admit to having paid a visit to the elven ambassador's home that night. Now though, they seem happy to distance themselves from association with the elves, taking a commission to investigate where the pirates got their skeleton archers rather than going with the elves to Skyshun to return the elven remains.

Travelling again with Storm 14 the Silk Glove arrive in Green Bay on The Anvil to discover a quiet forest lined bay. They travel inland and discover the lair the necromancer, a bog hag that has been conjuring up skeletal minions and trading them with the pirates for living and dead bodies. Returning to Storm 14 in a thick fog, they find her engaged with lizardfolk boarders however by the time they reach her the battle is done. The Lizardfolk have in fact been efficiently slain by the crew of the Iris a pirate hunter, who, believing that she was a pirate vessel stole up on her as under cover of the fog only to find her overrun with the Lizardfolk.

The party along witht the few surviving members of the crew of Storm 14 return to Fortuna along with the Iris.

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